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At Delta Computers one of the cornerstones to our business is the giant technical workshop on our premises. We have a fully qualified team of 5 full time technicians that are experts in their fields. There is no problem that these technicians haven’t seen before. In fact some things they see more than others, and one of those main repetitive things are computer viruses. Each and every day the workshop would see countless numbers of people walk in with that same disappointed and slightly embarrassed face. The vast majority of these people realise that they have opened an email that they probably shouldn’t have, but on occasion some people genuinely don’t understand where the virus may have come from.

No matter where or how it came to be on your computer, we can get it off. Our team of technicians regularly do battle with Malware, Spyware and all manner of viruses and they always come out victorious, they are experts at Virus Removal. There is plenty that can happen when these sorts of malicious programs take over your computer. Sometimes the effects can be devastating and ultimately lead to a very expensive excersize in damage control. The sort of things you may experience if one of these pesky programs has weaselled its way into your system can include freezing, popups, unexpected mouse movements, inability to open files etc. Some of these symptoms can be very frightening at times, imagine if you have your valuable documents that you can no longer access, if you could no longer open family videos and pictures. In the worst case scenarios, without expert help you may not be able to get them back.

Over the years Viruses and Malware have evolved. The most recent evolution is “ransom-ware”. These are basically the mother of all viruses. In this case the virus can be activated through opening an email that appears to be a legitimate source, for example many of these come from the “Australian Federal Police” or the “ATO”. There are tell tale signs though that these are fake, scamming emails. But on occasion they do look legitimate enough for people’s curiosity to take over. If clicked and the email contains a “ransom-ware virus” then there is going to be a massive problem. What happens is the virus encrypts all of the files on the computer, essentially rendering it useless. A message will generally appear asking you to pay money into some dodgy looking account otherwise you will not be able to access your files again.

We have seen a few cases of this, high profile business as well as the Home Users. The key is once infected, do not panic. Turn the computer off and bring it in to Delta. Our team of technicians will do what we can and save the day for you. At Delta your computer will be looked at same day. We generally call back that day (time permitting) to give you a free quote on how bad the damage is and what it will take to repair. Then depending on the severity of the issue we can aim to have a 24 hour turnaround time.

Delta Computers also installs Anti-Virus software packages. We use and trust Norton. So if you would like some added security, then let us load on an Anti-Virus with your computer repair!

Check out our Virus Removal page for more info or failing that, give us a call!

Don’t worry, Delta can fix it. Virus removal done every day. Nothing we haven’t seen before.

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