Kathleen M
Kathleen M
09:25 02 Aug 20
EnderBoy Gaming
EnderBoy G.
05:00 31 Jul 20
Super easy to deal with!Thank you so much for all your help James
Caity Russell
Caity R.
04:20 31 Jul 20
Great customer service, very helpful and friendly people.
Cody James Smith
Cody James S.
10:04 28 Jul 20
love working with these guys and the amazing care and customer experience they show with every interaction.
Ry Courtney
Ry C.
05:06 16 Jul 20
Jessica White
Jessica W.
12:09 15 Jul 20
Delta computer's are amazing i have been a customer with them for for four years and they have always been there to help with my electronic needs . Very friendly and wonderful customer service ask to speak with James hes lovely and he will go beyond and above to help you 🙂
Mary Henshilwood
Mary H.
04:48 15 Jun 20
Awesome staff, friendly very efficient and speedy service and most importantly the products are fantastic, no problems at all.
Kerry Margetts
Kerry M.
03:18 24 Mar 20
The team at Delta Computers are a breath of fresh air. So friendly and welcoming with no pushy sales people trying to make a dollar. Nothing is a effort to them, they are always very happy to answer any questions or run through any issues I might have on my laptop. Have gone back several times now for new items and have always experience perfect customer service every time. I have also now introduced my friends to delta who have now listed them as clients too.Thank you for always taking care of me.
Dwanie Cooper
Dwanie C.
10:24 20 Mar 20
Merrin Dekens-True
Merrin D.
08:22 13 Mar 20
Em Deetee
Em D.
08:20 13 Mar 20
We’ve been customers here for many years now. The service has always been prompt and flexible; even delivering in-person to our house 40km away
Alexandria Rogers-Hoff
Alexandria R.
07:57 13 Mar 20
I have been with delta for maybe 6 or 7 years now, I've never had a problem with them they definitely know their stuff with every bit of equipment they have to offer. They explain to you in very simple detail, If you have no idea what exactly you need they will simply steer you in the right direction. They only offer the best of the best quality stuff and the payments are definitely not overly expensive (considering the products and their quality) and I'm a LOW INCOME earner! BAD CREDIT is definitely no problem with these guys As long as YOU do the right thing! I get all my stuff from them I go nowhere else... could not speak any higher of these guys Thank you to Daniel James and Danny!!! 😊
Leonardo da silva teixeira
Leonardo da silva T.
10:16 12 Mar 20
Very nice and professional people to deal with...highly recommend
Corbin Badrian
Corbin B.
01:46 12 Mar 20
The guys at Delta took the time to listen to what I was using the machine for, and what I currently had, to ensure I was getting something suitable. The costs are laid out up front, and the pickup process was great. You're also taken through a range of options to either upgrade or downgrade, with no pressure put on this. I removed 2 items without question, dropping my rental costs, and everything was perfectly fine.
Gina Bertram
Gina B.
23:40 09 Mar 20
Very friendly staff so helpful! Definitely recommend
Ngawang Norbu
Ngawang N.
16:55 09 Mar 20
The customer service is perfect and fast. Within no time you get what you opt for, just need to have the documents ready and even after sales service is perfect. Thank you and proud to be part of it.
Ash B
Ash B
08:54 09 Mar 20
Quick, easy and a pleasure to do business with. The guys are knowledgeable and happy to help. I was in and out in less than 20 minutes with exactly what I wanted. Thanks Danny.
Celestine Pfuhl
Celestine P.
00:23 03 Mar 20
Easy to deal with, flawless service!
Irwan Budiarto
Irwan B.
07:23 27 Feb 20
Amazing fast, easy and professional service from Delta Comp. Highly recommended and so much easier with them. Thank you.
Irwan Budiarto
Irwan B.
07:18 27 Feb 20
Really great service, very professional, very quick responds. Staffs very helpful and friendly. Very recommended to everyone.
Emma Otto
Emma O.
04:29 27 Feb 20
Really helpful and friendly, great customer service!
Dave Tulett
Dave T.
01:59 26 Feb 20
Fantastic service and staff to go along with it!
Francois Meiring
Francois M.
03:47 24 Feb 20
Greg Parsons
Greg P.
07:47 16 Feb 20
03:58 15 Feb 20
Tracy Edwards
Tracy E.
08:58 14 Feb 20
great customer service great products couldn't be any happier with our product
Luke Miller
Luke M.
12:47 13 Feb 20
yudikoo zd30
yudikoo Z.
10:05 12 Feb 20
The people are awesome to deal with and super helpfull to help you figure what you need down to a Tee Daniel is pretty awsome. Costemer service is excellent help you with any troubles with equiptment during and after rental wether it just be super helpfull tips highly recomend the lads at delta
Jesse Poli
Jesse P.
09:52 12 Feb 20
delta is a brilliant way of getting a pc without paying the full amount. im very happy with my computer aswell works amazingly thnx delta.
Justin Carmichael
Justin C.
11:14 11 Feb 20
Great group of people awesome customer service couldn’t be happier with there products !
Micaela Jackson
Micaela J.
08:34 11 Feb 20
Great service, so fast and easy would definately recommend these guys!
Chantell Hunt
Chantell H.
08:23 11 Feb 20
Great service from Daniel would highly recommend Delta
Dale Earles
Dale E.
07:25 11 Feb 20
More than willing to go the extra mile for a good customer. Most certainly do recommend them to anyone looking to pick up an new rig or phone with reasonable solutions at hand.
Bowden DeWaal
Bowden D.
07:24 11 Feb 20
Delta was really helpful with helping me get my very first PC. I'd 100% recommend them to anyone!
Jacson Ward
Jacson W.
11:06 10 Feb 20
Would highly recommend Delta Computers and Rentals for anyone who is after a good deal! I am more then happy with how quick everyone at Delta got there stuff sorted and sent out to me! Very vast response time and willing to help out anyway they can!cheers heaps guys loving my new gaming rig from you guys! 🤟🤟
Gregor Turner
Gregor T.
03:03 03 Feb 20
Fast and efficient, very helpful with everything and the staff where super helpful and friendly all the way through the process.would recommend them to others.
Christel Esteve
Christel E.
03:49 01 Feb 20
Amazing service, very quick & simple process. Thank you Kynan & the team you were amazing. 😃😃😃
Renegade Master
Renegade M.
22:04 29 Jan 20
Staff are helpful. Iv had a couple computers from them now, whilst it may not work out cheaper in the long run they certainly offer a beneficial service. My latest pc had components upgrades for better gaming which has worked out really well.
Jimmy Stubbs
Jimmy S.
06:08 29 Jan 20
awesome device quick service very happy with computer
Alex Devison
Alex D.
02:58 26 Jan 20
A few months ago I became very interested in getting my own gaming PC. Of course I didn't have the money to buy one outright so renting to buy seemed like a great option. I had a browse online for some places in my local area and found Delta Computers and Rentals. I contacted them and received a very quick and personal response (not an automated response) via email. They went through the process with me over the next two days via email and phone and by day three they were building my PC. I was very happy with how quickly and smoothly the entire process went and when the time came to pick up my PC they welcomed me inside and went through the contract with me first to make sure I understood everything. Afterwards they helped me carry the PC to my car and have followed up with me recently to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase and let me know to contact them if I needed anything else. Everyone I was in contact with was very friendly, respectful and provided with me with fantastic advice about my build.I highly recommend Delta Computers and Rentals Applecross for any PC gaming builds 🙂
Joshua Britton
Joshua B.
10:06 24 Jan 20
great place. helpful staff
Norbu Norbu
Norbu N.
08:12 24 Jan 20
Easy way to get your dream come true!!! Cheers!!!
Big cobweb Col
Big cobweb C.
08:09 24 Jan 20
The people at delta are fantastic. Computer works a treat and was blown away with how fast and easy the application service was. Cheers 🙂👍🏻
Sera Baker
Sera B.
04:02 22 Jan 20
The guy I delt with was very friendly, very fast at getting everything sorted, affordable prices. Variety of items. Thank you a whole lot.
Timothy Szafranski
Timothy S.
08:54 19 Jan 20
Great friendly service from the team at Delta Computers. Very fast and reliable.
Kylie Coccaro Beaman
Kylie Coccaro B.
13:31 17 Jan 20
Daniel and Duncan are so helpful! This is my third laptop I’ve gotten from them and I am going back for a fourth!
Kylie Beaman
Kylie B.
13:30 17 Jan 20
Daniel and Duncan are your go to guys when you need anything! They’re so helpful this is my third laptop I’ve gotten from them
Blake Fontanini
Blake F.
12:03 17 Jan 20
Best place If you need a rent and buy gaming PC at a decent interest rate
Iradukunda Jean Yves
Iradukunda Jean Y.
07:15 17 Jan 20
Sarah Aimie
Sarah A.
06:30 17 Jan 20
Maggie Burns
Maggie B.
01:21 12 Jan 20
I walked into the Canning Bridge store at 4:30 in the afternoon. I was greeted with a warm friendly smile and the service was amazing. Daniel couldn’t have been more helpful and I left with a full gaming computer set up that he even carried to my car for me. At home all we had to do was plug it in and go through a few set up procedures. Everything was super easy and no dramas at all.
Jacob Sauer
Jacob S.
09:23 09 Jan 20
Super friendly and helpful, pleasure to deal with.
Jake O'Connor
Jake O.
09:19 03 Jan 20
Top mob, Danny was all over the custom build request and efficient, transparent with required info.keep up the work lads!
Geoff Ackhurst
Geoff A.
04:30 25 Dec 19
Outstanding service
08:09 24 Dec 19
I am very happy with my new 21.5" iMac. The application process was very easy and the staff made it uncomplicated.
NJ Spence
10:12 21 Dec 19
I have just completed my 3rd rental with dental. the service and staff is top notch!!! I couldn't reccomend them more highly. I will continue to be a repeat customer.keep up the great work guys 6 out of 5 stars!! 🙂
Little gg cool 23
Little gg cool 2.
07:11 20 Dec 19
Daisy-May Koesnadi
Daisy-May K.
06:46 18 Dec 19
Very Recommended excellent customer service happy with everything 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Daisy May
Daisy M.
06:45 18 Dec 19
Very Recommended excellent customer service happy with everything 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Mr Rees
Mr R.
13:19 17 Dec 19
I have been a customer for over a year and I look forward to keep using Delta in the future with all my families technology needs
Paul Mogg
Paul M.
13:17 17 Dec 19
A Really great bunch of people. I have been a customer for over a year and I highly recommend Delta computers.You would be silly not to check them out
Niki Rose Miranda
Niki Rose M.
01:31 07 Dec 19
Have been a customer for over 3 years, dealing with them has always been easy, fast and hassle-free. Very satisfied with their service, and staff members are always really helpful and reliable 👍👍👍
Jay Junior Maea
Jay Junior M.
11:33 06 Dec 19
Awesome service!! Hayden and the team at Delta will get you sorted!! Happy as with my Apple Mac Book!!
Dave D
Dave D
11:11 06 Dec 19
On my 4th rental (over 10 years) from Delta Computers, the staff are friendly and super helpful, 100% would recommend them to anyone.
Tara Couzens
Tara C.
08:46 06 Dec 19
Steve Te Rore
Steve Te R.
07:39 29 Nov 19
Yes enjoyed the experience with Delta and their representative Paul.Down to earth group.Professional yet not over the top so yip thumbs up.
Kaiden Price
Kaiden P.
05:36 27 Nov 19
Fantastic staff members, i would highly recommend there services, if you after a high quality PC build that's affordable then please make sure you enquire!
Yosui Kitahara
Yosui K.
03:05 26 Nov 19
Very quick responding and professional service. If you know what you need, they know how to help. Great team work.
Yosui K
Yosui K
02:52 26 Nov 19
Service is very Responsive and Professional.Great Team Support.Would recommend to anyone who needs help who can't afford one time full payment, but can foresee a better situation and are certain to have the skills to cover the expenses and pay little by little over the long run. Be sure you're sure and things will be so much better.
Jacquline Stuart Powell
Jacquline Stuart P.
09:07 25 Nov 19
Great on phone really nice talk in good manners and great helper thanks 🙏
Ana Obiasca
Ana O.
06:24 25 Nov 19
The guys at Delta are customer-focused. They listen to what you want and at the same time explain what is more suitable to your needs. I have been their customer for two years now and I have always been provided excellent customer experience via email, phone and face-to-face. Thank you and keep up the good work!
Chris Walker
Chris W.
05:24 25 Nov 19
Megan Marie Turton
Megan Marie T.
07:50 21 Nov 19
such an easy process and amazing service!
12:13 20 Nov 19
Excellent business that look after you
Kane Bradshaw
Kane B.
06:53 15 Nov 19
Great Customer Service, Friendly staff and they get straight down to business to messing about.
Tjay Patterson
Tjay P.
09:00 08 Nov 19
Delta were accommodating and easily to deal with. And their products are top of the line, I'm loving my new 70 inch LG LCD TV.
Jack Dunn
Jack D.
11:46 02 Nov 19
Great service with excellent technicians to assist definitely will use again
22:31 28 Oct 19
Quick to look after customers and really friendly staff. Great equipments and reliable service. Would highly recommend to my friends.
shane benbrook
shane B.
01:51 28 Oct 19
Love this place. Staff are so friendly and experienced
Gaming masters
Gaming M.
11:02 27 Oct 19
Awesome company to deal with. Never any hassles with the products or the service. They will help you in any way that they can. This is the third item I have got through them, and each time it has been a great experience
Emily Fitzgerald
Emily F.
14:15 26 Oct 19
I have got two computer though delta computer you could ask for better service with them and they are so friendly when u go in to pick your items up
Julie Davies
Julie D.
12:03 26 Oct 19
My partner and I both recently got brand new iPhone XR’s from Delta computers & rentals, the service we received was beyond our expectations and was second to none. I found the service to be extremely quick and thorough, we received our phones on the same day that we applied which was extremely convenient. I highly recommend Daniel as a salesman, he not only helped us every step of the way with patience he was very approachable and funny as well which helps with the tedious chore that renting products usually is. A huge thank you to Delta Computers & Rentals, we will be repeat customers for sure.
Adam Slender
Adam S.
03:31 22 Oct 19
Great service, finished arranging it on fly out day and it was ready to pick up the next morning, works beautifully and doing everything I want it to straight out of the box.
Joseph Famularcano
Joseph F.
09:51 13 Oct 19
these guys are the best. tried to apply online, then they call me after 30 mins or so. quick application and you can know that you are approved. the next day i got my gaming pc. really happy with it...
Vincent Llave
Vincent L.
11:05 12 Oct 19
Excellent customer service.Would recommend Delta Computers & Rentals 💯‼️I now got 🤙💻💻 from them, both received in perfect condition. Got my latest MSI Gaming GL75 9SE from them the next day after giving them the requirements and paper works.And soon in the future would get some stuffs again.Awesome job guys! ^_^👍👍👍
Vincent Soto Llave
Vincent Soto L.
11:01 12 Oct 19
Excellent customer service.Would recommend Delta Computers & Rentals 💯‼️I now got 🤙💻💻 from them, both received in perfect condition. Got my latest MSI Gaming GL75 9SE from them the next day after giving them the requirements and paper works.And soon in the future would get some stuffs again.Awesome job guys! ^_^👍👍👍
Benj Manilason
Benj M.
00:20 12 Oct 19
Customer service 💯Would recommend delta to anyone, no drama quick and easy.
Stephanie Boulton
Stephanie B.
08:17 11 Oct 19
Super friendly service! With outstanding prices! Very happy! Thank you would recommend 10/10
Christopher Facey
Christopher F.
10:02 09 Oct 19
Delta computers is a great company with friendly staff and helped set me up with a new system the only issue in the transaction is the price changed upon sign up from what was originally quoted to a higher rate
David Fuller
David F.
01:40 09 Oct 19
I hired my macbook pro through this company. At the first issue they issued me a replacement loan laptop and were amazing in helping to fix the issues.highly recommended retailer.
Mim Ginger
Mim G.
04:16 24 Sep 19
Highly recommend these guys for any students out there looking for the latest Mac and need an affordable plan! Duncan was a great help organising everything for me and was very friendly and understanding.
Barbie Sugut
Barbie S.
12:02 21 Sep 19
prompt responses to queries and an awesome customer care. A plus is that they make it really way to get what you want. 👌
Mitch Tassicker
Mitch T.
08:28 21 Sep 19
Great Quality Builds for Custom PC'sExcellent Service!
Kelly Hill
Kelly H.
07:44 20 Sep 19
those people who are staff have been so good for me and my family always been with them have been going back to them thank you to all staff
David Lourensz
David L.
07:25 20 Sep 19
I required a computer for my business and found Daniel and the team very knowledgeable in helping me find a suitable one. Smooth process from start to finish and a quick solution to my needs. Keep up the good work! Cheers.
Zim Min Lay
Zim Min L.
07:06 20 Sep 19
Daniel Jackson
Daniel J.
14:29 19 Sep 19
Excellent product and experience. The team provided excellent customer service and were exceptional to deal with. Recommended.
Jo Fiddes
Jo F.
06:57 18 Sep 19
Great service and friendly staff
Jay Benton
Jay B.
11:07 12 Sep 19
just got my new gaming laptop and couldnt have been happier with the service from start to finish, highly recommend these guys for anything electronic, customer service and turn around is second to none.
Traverse Douglas
Traverse D.
10:32 11 Sep 19
Franz Riri
Franz R.
08:32 09 Sep 19
Hi I’m so happy with your service 😍🥰I’m so appreciate for help🙏👌
Justine Davis
Justine D.
05:03 09 Sep 19
Prompt, efficient and so easy to work with! Great service and products, very friendly and professional team - Thank you!
Kai S
Kai S
09:34 06 Sep 19
Quick easy service staff help u along the way daniel - a staff member was really top notch when it came to customer service and provided comfort buying our new pc you will definitely feel welcomed when u come here when you are trying to rent a pc phone etc they also provide help whenever is needed and they keep in touch while u are renting a product i can definitely see myself coming back for more products or upgrades in the future
Chris Pritchard
Chris P.
09:28 06 Sep 19
You made my sons year with a affordable repayment option as I’m a single mum and gaming PCs normally out of our reach. Thank you delta and Daniel. Thanks again Daniel for adding my laptop to our account. Your service is quick and stress free so thanks
Blake Gray
Blake G.
03:28 31 Aug 19
Delta have been nothing but AMAZING. I was in need of a computer, and I was in and out of the store with a brand new laptop in 20-30 mins. Staff are the friendliest, caring people and really want to know what you need. Highly recommended!!
Isobel Tarpey
Isobel T.
09:08 30 Aug 19
Very friendly staff and fast service, happy with my new Mac book
Georgia Ollington
Georgia O.
07:16 30 Aug 19
I had nothing but a wonderful experience from Delta. From the moment I put the initial enquiry through to when I went to pick up the computer. Everyone was so lovely and helpful and made the entire process so smooth. I will be definitely recommending Delta.
Lindsay Page
Lindsay P.
07:00 30 Aug 19
Awesome service & product ! I am a Professional Photographer & needed a computer that would be lightning quick with graphics programs. These guys had me sorted in less than 24 hours ... very impressive !!!
Lochlain Lindsay
Lochlain L.
01:17 27 Aug 19
nice and understanding blokes, never had any issues or felt like I was being pressured into the agreement. there knowledge is second to none on computers and I highly recommend if anyone can't afford a pc outright, talk to the team at delta and they will be able to sort you out.
Sonya Dawson
Sonya D.
10:05 25 Aug 19
Been a number of years dealing with the team at Delta’s, I always leave with a smile and happy with my product. The team are nothing but friendly and professional every time visit 😊
Nadine Whiddett
Nadine W.
05:08 24 Aug 19
Érik Martín Estévez
Érik Martín E.
16:45 23 Aug 19
I strongly believe that this business is so good. Renting a laptop is a wonderful idea to help students like me, because of the split payment! Undoubtedly, perfect and very recommendable.
Erik Martin Estevez
Erik Martin E.
16:43 23 Aug 19
Really Happy with the service offered by them! My laptop is super cool and fluent. Undoubtedly I will rent other devices on the future!!!
jansen david
jansen D.
11:44 23 Aug 19
Great service. Very accomodating staff (Daniel). Helped me get the right laptop i needed for my work. No fuss. Applied online the first day, they got the laptop ready for pick up the next day. Great stuff!
Jeremy Vincent
Jeremy V.
09:00 23 Aug 19
Excellent professional service highly recommend
Vanessa Menz
Vanessa M.
07:13 23 Aug 19
Love love love going through them. Quick and easy to get awesome gaming computers
Lori LeMay
Lori L.
07:33 16 Aug 19
This is the second time in 6 years I have dealt with Delta Computers. Daniel was amazing. Prompt and always followed up with me to make sure I was satisfied. My son is extremely happy with his new Gaming Computer and I am happy with the service and price. Highly recommend
Chris Waide
Chris W.
07:17 16 Aug 19
Highly Recommend. Repeat customer who deal with Daniel who's always been very helpful and highly recommend to anyone looking at using these guys always 100%. Tech support is always superb as well.
Eiderfaloñat Blacknight
Eiderfaloñat B.
04:17 16 Aug 19
Staff is very accommodating and quick response on my query special mention to Daniel.. many thanks.
Andrew Cole
Andrew C.
13:05 10 Aug 19
Delta’s who we used previously have been fantastic for service and knowledge. Never had a issue with them and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to either lease or purchase outright a computer.
Jacqueline Messenger
Jacqueline M.
07:12 07 Aug 19
Excellent service and the products are state of the art
Liz Jay Bee
Liz Jay B.
04:17 07 Aug 19
I have only just recently received a laptop from these guys and I have to say, I'm so thrilled with both the product and the customer service! They waited for me after I finished work, even though it was past closing time, they've emailed me to make sure everything is going well, and it makes me feel good because I don't feel like I'll be a pain in the butt if I need to let them know something is wrong 🤣 I would highly recommend these guys for any gaming laptop/computer needs 😁
Jack Sanderson
Jack S.
03:21 05 Aug 19
Easy process from start to finish, I told Daniel what I wanted to be able to run on my new pc and he understood completely. Had it sitting there ready to go when I got up there and was in and out in less than 20 minutes.
Nichole Hines
Nichole H.
13:24 04 Aug 19
Highly recommend this company. Such great customer service! Daniels been amazing to deal with and so helpful in picking a laptop for uni. Cannot fault these guys. Super quick responses too!
Vince Lombardi
Vince L.
08:11 03 Aug 19
Fantastic staff, highly recommend for quality pc builds 👍
Erle De souza
Erle De S.
10:38 31 Jul 19
Ayo Ayonrinde
Ayo A.
06:50 29 Jul 19
Quick to resolve issues, great service.
Angel R. Gonzales
Angel R. G.
15:55 26 Jul 19
Highly recommend Delta Computers for their best service. Great work!
Wendy Walsh
Wendy W.
00:20 26 Jul 19
I’ve used Delta Computers for many years now .I highly recommend them Fantastic team everyone in there I usually deal with Duncan and Rob but all that staff are fantastic.Never ever had a problem from computers tv gaming computer and iPad well done Delta you are fantastic Wendy
Donna Legge
Donna L.
11:38 23 Jul 19
We have used Delta Computers for the past 6 years and they have never missed a beat! So easy to deal with and fantastic service! Highly recommend.
Anthony Day
Anthony D.
08:45 23 Jul 19
Anthony Day
Anthony D.
08:44 23 Jul 19
great service and help right up to loading it in the car will deffenitly be recommending in the future.
Jo Rossi
Jo R.
06:19 23 Jul 19
Very helpful nothing was to much trouble for them. Was a quick and easy process from start to finish. Would highly recommend
Eryn Embra
Eryn E.
03:14 16 Jul 19
We have been dealing with Delta Computers for years now and keep coming back! With fantastic service, and friendly and knowledgable staff, I would highly recommend them.
Jacqueline Benson
Jacqueline B.
07:30 12 Jul 19
Awesome job with helping my son acquired a new PC. Easy setup with payments. Thank for being so amazing! Would recommend Delta Computers & Rentals to anyone wanting to get a pc or any other electronic equipment.
Natalia Blagirowicz
Natalia B.
13:48 10 Jul 19
The staff at delta computers are absolutely amazing they assisted and advised me of everything I needed for my ultimate gaming pc setup for my two children were would I be without the team from delta would recommend them to anyone
Nikki Assis
Nikki A.
04:15 08 Jul 19
Friendly staff, easy application, fast results!
Diana Mesa
Diana M.
00:29 06 Jul 19
Thanks Delta for the good service. I’ve been calling alot and there’s alot of misunderstanding but they still assist me well and explain everything to me. Great Job! Highly Recommended
Calvin Tanner
Calvin T.
01:24 05 Jul 19
good service value for money friendly staff and professional manner
Charlie Watkins
Charlie W.
07:06 27 Jun 19
Awesome customer service, I spoke with James, Dan and a majestic long haired gentleman who's name I cannot remember.They were very helpful and had a lot of product knowledge, I was well looked after even when I was trying to load the goods into the car. this is the stuff you can't really put a price on, love your work fellas!
Jordy Edmunds
Jordy E.
06:01 27 Jun 19
Great service and very friendly team, super fast build on my new pc !
Sten M.
Sten M.
05:25 18 Jun 19
Excellent and fast service. Great customer handling. Would recommend.
kimberley miller
kimberley M.
05:26 14 Jun 19
James helped me to get a brand new MacBook laptop on the day he was on top of getting things processed! I'm in love with my laptop and didn't have to stress about big amount of money spent on the day the payment plans is great! Thanks James
Jamey Leigh Barrett
Jamey Leigh B.
07:00 06 Jun 19
loving the computer it's doing all I want it to do and more
Ray Payne
Ray P.
06:55 05 Jun 19
great service willing to help when noone else would.Thanks fellers looking forward to getting a lot more gear through you guy.
Suzie Jeacocke
Suzie J.
11:50 04 Jun 19
Nicole Dcruz
Nicole D.
02:46 31 May 19
Ashley Maddock
Ashley M.
08:37 30 May 19
definitely recommend these guys for all your techy things! James was super helpful on getting me my brand new custom built gaming pc at an awesome price for rent too it doesn't get much better than delta computers, cheers fellas 🤙
Allen E Reader
Allen E R.
01:40 30 May 19
would highly recommend these guys great customer service and the follow up service was unbeatable 😊
Micheal Clark
Micheal C.
08:15 26 May 19
Love the New Gaming Rig fellas, thank you
Tony Duchenne
Tony D.
03:09 24 May 19
Just want to say a big thank you to James at Delta for being so accommodating in assisting me with my new iPhone XR! He couldn't have made things any easier and I HIGHLY recommend Delta Computers and Rentals for all your electrical needs! Big 5 Stars!!
Corey West
Corey W.
09:28 23 May 19
I could not have been happier with my purchase. Everything was quick and easy and the amazing Hayden had already set everything up without no wait at all 🤩 Had an overall amazing time and great service from all!! would 100% recommend going and seeing these guys or even just a browse online. Thanks so much! You will definitely see me soon to expand on my computer 🤘
Charlene Hounsom
Charlene H.
07:32 22 May 19
Excellent, efficient and super friendly service. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Delta to anyone 🙂
Junior Plowman
Junior P.
02:22 22 May 19
Great service great staff their very friendly and always happy to help with whatever you ask i couldnt recommend anyone better
Amy Collard
Amy C.
14:42 13 May 19
Fried Beard
Fried B.
03:47 10 May 19
Amazing, helpful and EXTREMELY quick service, everyone was friendly, Daniel (who sorted me out) made my experience as pleasant as possible, I’ll be back for more upgrades/rentals when I can and I would recommend to anyone looking for rental or rent to buy electronics or gaming supplies, rigs and consoles.Thanks guys, Aaron.
Becky Jarrett
Becky J.
01:48 08 May 19
Great service, definitely recommend them!
nat durbridge
nat D.
05:53 30 Apr 19
I highly recommend this company I am currently renting my 4th item they these guys who have been absolutely amazing awesome customer service they r my go to company my phone broke over the weekend they were great and I have never had a problem keep up the great work guys 🙂
christopher rodgers
christopher R.
06:29 29 Apr 19
Always friendly and helpful, great to do business with
Sam J
Sam J
12:27 24 Apr 19
Big thank you to the team at delta and special thank you to Hayden, very appreciate the help and concern these guys show! They are very professional, would recommend these guys 110% Thanks again
Eihcra Onisolog
Eihcra O.
09:28 23 Apr 19
I would recommend delta computers for fast approvals and less hassle.
Rolf Hovland
Rolf H.
04:23 23 Apr 19
Good fast friendly professional service definitely recommended
Jodie Ann
Jodie A.
04:38 16 Apr 19
absolutely amazing customer service i have had no problems with my laptop
Josh Akers
Josh A.
15:38 11 Apr 19
I Have Dealt with Delta Computers Twice Now Once Last Year and then again This Year Both Times By Daniel and Each Time I Am extremely Happy with The service i received. Extremely Friendly And Helpful and Answered any Questions I Have had.I Have Gotten My Pc Gaming Computer Last Year and still Going good with no problems. and Have now received a New camera Bundle Which works Great.I Expect To Using Delta Computers & Rentals For years and years to Come Have even recommended You guys to friends and Family.I Give You 11/10 Stars 🙂❤🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Joshua Akers
Joshua A.
15:33 11 Apr 19
I Have Dealt with Delta Computers Twice Now Once Last Year and then again This Year Both Times By Daniel and Each Time I Am extremely Happy with The service i received. Extremely Friendly And Helpful and Answered any Questions I Have had.I Have Gotten My Pc Gaming Computer Last Year and still Going good with no problems. and Have now received a New camera Bundle Which works Great.I Expect To Using Delta Computers & Rentals For years and years to Come Have even recommended You guys to friends and Family.I Give You 11/10 Stars 🙂❤🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Pamela Taylor
Pamela T.
06:19 09 Apr 19
Awesome customer service with a grate range of products.
Narissa Hribar
Narissa H.
08:10 04 Apr 19
Highly recommend Delta Computers. The staff are very friendly, helpful and professional. Nothing is too much them. Pricing is very competitive. I have been with other rental agencies with computers previously but they pale in comparison to Delta. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Narissa Hribar
Narissa H.
08:04 04 Apr 19
Excellent service from all staff. They are very friendly, helpful and professional. Nothing is too much for them. Their application process is simple and pain free. Would absolutely recommend them every time.
Keith Neumann
Keith N.
05:35 04 Apr 19
I am extremely happy with my new gaming PC, I run a Plex media server of it with absolutely no dramas. compared to my old Mac which had major buffering issues I can game while the misses watches a movie in the bedroom and the boy watches his anime in the lounge.. absolute beast of a machine does everything I want it to do. full warranty for 2 years and ability to upgrade if I desire.. the service is unparalleled and I highly recommend seeing Delta for any tech you may need! thumbs up guys top work!
Brad Glew
Brad G.
04:28 04 Apr 19
Very nice and understanding wanting to help people how they can with products
ActionIxty 360
ActionIxty 3.
04:47 28 Mar 19
Excellent customer service and very well organised, I enquired about an iPad and got it the next day, their prices are very reasonable for the great quality products.
Matthew Blanchard
Matthew B.
07:51 26 Mar 19
Fantastic service and advice, happy with my new gaming pc and for the price can't go wrong
07:39 26 Mar 19
Fantastic service and advice, very happy with my new gaming pc and couldn't of been any easier to sort out cheers
Chiara Millar
Chiara M.
02:57 26 Mar 19
couldnt fault anything even if i tried. their customer service was above and beyond the expectations. the response rate was the fastest ive had from any company. the whole experience has been one worthy of recommending to others for their needs and i will again be returning for other services in the future☺️
Engel Lim
Engel L.
07:28 20 Mar 19
Great customer service.! 😊😊
Pip Mann
Pip M.
01:46 20 Mar 19
My bestie and I both go thru delta now, we're both on to our 2nd updated phones and we will definitely be clients in the future. The best customer service, quality of products and rental arrangements I've come across. I highly recommend them.
Brook-Lin Smith
Brook-Lin S.
01:37 20 Mar 19
Great bunch of dudes,friendly service and great products! Easy process to apply and once your in their system, it get even easier to get products through them again. A+
Penny Street
Penny S.
03:39 19 Mar 19
Thankyou Delta for your amazing service and how quickly I got my MacBook Pro in my hands! Your professionalism and service was outstanding! You guys are awesome! Totally recommend!
Charlie Durrant
Charlie D.
13:08 15 Mar 19
Awesome staff here, they are so friendly and willing to help with anything be it a purchase or a problem. I have been with them for 3-4 years now, I’ve got 2 computers and PlayStation 4 in that time and I intend to stay with them for as long as I can because not only do they make my life easier by allowing me to have a very good gaming computer on a payment plan and also the security of their tech team if I have any issues at all. The prices here are fair and a lot cheaper and better value than other rental companies I have looked at and the range of stuff they have is crazy. I’ll never complain about all the extras that you get with rental either. I would recommend these guys if you’re looking for a trusted company to help you.
Rowe Unlimited
Rowe U.
05:40 15 Mar 19
Fast service very easy to apply all round great experience ty
Christine Perry
Christine P.
20:51 14 Mar 19
We as a family from North Perth highly recommend Delta Computers and Rentals. We were made to feel like royalty. Got a great deal on a phone for my daughters 13th birthday Thanks Delta we will come back.
Megan Coles
Megan C.
12:24 14 Mar 19
Awesome customer service and so easy to deal with - finally able to get a new Mac thanks to these guys 🙂
Rebecca McNamara
Rebecca M.
10:53 05 Mar 19
My partner and I are currently renting our 2 gaming PCs at a very cheap price.