How can we help you?

01 How long is the Rent then Buy Plan?

The Rent then Buy Plan is a 24 month rental agreement (or 18 months for phones). After the end of the Rental contract, you may offer to purchase the item from us – usually from $60-$170 depending on the item.
This contract is strictly a rental. You do not automatically own the equipment at the end of the term. 

02Do you guys only rent to people in Western Australia?

A: Yes, at the moment we can only rent to people in Western Australia. We are a local Perth company ourselves that started in 1996!

03What are the benefits of the Rent then Buy Plan?

There’s so much value in the Rent then Buy Plan. The biggest ones are that you get the item straight away without spending a huge sum of money upfront AND you get full 2 year warranty and tech support! You also get the options to upgrade if you need to during the rental, flexible payment methods and priority repair service if your product is faulty – plus we’ll give you a loan product to get you by if the repairs will take a while.

04Am I able to Rent then Buy if I receive Centrelink payments?

Absolutely! Centrelink customers welcome! We’re actually tied in with Centrelink – so if you receive any benefits from them, that’s great news. We can even do Centrepay deductions for your future payments. We’re more than happy to accommodate you!

05Will I get approved if I have bad credit history?

We’ve got no problems with bad credit history. Even if you’ve had trouble before, or haven’t been approved somewhere else – we can still help you out! Generally, we are able to find a solution for most customers. Our finance is processed in house. That means we can look at your whole situation carefully – so your credit score is not so important to us. Some of our best long-term customers came to us with poor credit history – but have now been renting with us for over 15 years!
We always try our best to get you approved. However, we do have to adhere to our lending criteria and sometimes it is not possible to get an applicant approved. At the end of the day we’ve got to be Responsible Lenders.

06Will I get approved if I haven’t had credit before?

No problems at all! We’re always happy to give people a go! We’re often able to get people approved for their first finance with us.

07Am I eligible if I am under 18 years old?

If you’re under 18 that means we would need to get a Parent or Guardian to apply with you. They will need to go through the application process and get approved with us. But you are still able to sign the Rental Agreement if you are 16 or older. You can also be responsible for all the payments for the product.

08Can I Rent then Buy if I’m here on a VISA and not a permanent resident?

Yes, you definitely can! We do Rent then Buy with people on 457 Visas, Student Visas and many others. We’re always happy to look at a Rent then Buy Plan that will suit you.

09Can I rent for a few months and then give it back?

No, unfortunately you can’t. We do not offer a short term hire service, we only do the Rent then Buy Plans. Our pricing for these are designed for 24 months of payments and you owning the product at the end. That means if you hand it back then our Bankers do not get paid for it, and we get a 2nd hand product back which is useless to us (everybody wants new products, not used!) That means if you want to exit the Rental Agreement early there will be fees involved with your exit. These depend on how long you’ve been renting, the condition of the product and many other factors.
Generally, it is NOT a good idea to break a Rental Agreement.

10Can I pay extra every week to pay the contract off early?

No problems doing that! If you pay extra each week, you’ll finish the rental much quicker than the 24 / 18 months! Once again there are NO fees, charges or penalties for paying it off early.

11What does your warranty cover? Is there any insurance?

Our warranty covers you for any faults with your equipment. We do not provide insurance with the Rent then Buy Plan. We always recommend taking out an insurance policy for your item or putting it under “Contents” or “Home and Contents” insurance. We cannot cover the product if it is lost, damaged or stolen. You will need to continue making your rental payments.

12What happens at the end of my Rental if I don’t want to buy it?

At the end of the Rental you’ve got the option to purchase it and 95% of customers do this. If you don’t want to buy it, you can continue to rent it, you can hand it back and pay no more, or you can upgrade it and start a new Rent then Buy Plan on the latest and greatest.

13Is the product I get Brand New? Do I get to keep the exact item I’ve been renting at the end?

At Delta our products are always Brand New unless otherwise explicitly stated. You are always getting the latest and greatest and you are guaranteed that it is Brand New. You get to keep the exact item you’ve been renting at the end. We don’t play silly buggers and charge you and arm and a leg after you’ve paid it off – just pay the final purchase price (usually $60-$200) and it’s yours.

14If I pay my first 4 weeks rent upfront when I pick up – when is my first payment?

All our customers are required to pay the first 4 weeks rent up front for their new item. This keeps you 4 weeks ahead throughout the rental agreement. Your first payment will start on the cycle you’ve chosen (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) at the closest time that fits in with you.