Rent Then Buy

Rent Then Buy Games Console

At Delta Rentals we have all the latest Games Consoles on Rent then Buy Plans. Whether you’re looking for the entertainment hub of your living room or a portable gaming solution, you’re in the right spot. We do the Rent then Buy Plan on heaps of different models. The plan is based on a 24-month rental period with a $60 – $100 option to buy at the end – dependant on the item. During this time, you get full 2-year warranty and tech support if anything’s not working properly.

We carry all the major Games Consoles like the Brand-New Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One S, Xbox One X and even crazy Virtual Reality kits from PlayStation. We normally do bundles for our customers so you get a couple of games and a couple of controllers so you can enjoy your brand-new console to its fullest! We have all the latest Triple A titles available on our plans or you can choose from a selection of games in store. We also do things like Gaming Chairs, Racing Wheels & Pedals, Gaming Headsets etc. etc. There’s no limit as to what we can bundle in with your Console Rental.

We also do Nintendo Switch Rentals. They have become hugely popular on the Rent then Buy Plan at Delta. We do a really cool bundle normally with the Nintendo Switch Console in either Grey or Neon with the Joy Cons, Pro Controller and 2 games! This is an excellent way to enjoy some exclusive Nintendo Titles like the Legend of Zelda, Mario, Pokémon and much more. You can game either on the go or at home on the TV with the Switch, it’s an awesome gift idea or perfect for someone who’s keen on portable gaming!

Don’t forget we’ve got heaps of different monitors to bundle with your console if you’re really looking to get a bit more performance than out of a standard TV! We’ve got 60hz 1ms FHD models in stock that are perfect for Gaming, they really take the experience up to the next level. Or if you’d like an Ultra HD Smart TV to pair with your console, we can do that too! We’ve got sizes from 42” up to a massive 75” in size. So just let us know what sort of package will suit you best and we’ll get it sorted, because we carry everything in stock so it’s available same day!