Rent Then Buy TV’s

TV Rentals are one of our most popular products! We do the famous Rent then Buy Plan on TVs of all sizes and features you can think of. If you want the biggest and the best TV but don’t want to fork out a fortune upfront, then the Rent then Buy Plan is an ideal solution for you! It lets you spread out the cost over a 24 months period and you get to own it at the end. Plus you get a full 2 year warranty while you rent as well which is super handy in case there’s a fault with the product. We are able to come out, pick up the faulty TV – give you a replacement for the time it takes to get fixed, and then deliver out your old TV as soon as we can. You’re treated as a top priority as a Rent then Buy customer!

We’ve got pretty much any size that you can imagine for TVs on our Rent then Buy Plans. There are smaller options for Offices and Bedrooms or for the Kid’s playroom around the 32” – 42” size. Then there’s middle range sized TVs for the living room and larger areas, they’re usually around the 49”, 55” or 65” in size. Then we have the absolute monsters which turn your living room into a home cinema. These bad boys come in at the 70” Size, 75” Size and even larger with special request orders! That’s right – we can special order any special sized TV that you want on our Rent then Buy Plans.

Now in terms of features we’ve got the goods! Our TVs are pretty much all Ultra High Definition (UHD / 4K) Resolution now that Full HD is on the way out. They all come with Smart Operating Systems, some are even Android! That means they have things like built in WiFi and web browsers which is essential in a modern TV. They also come with support for a heap of Apps and many come with the basics like Netflix, Youtube, Stan, Freeview Plus and so on and so forth. And then there’s connectivity. These TVs come with heaps of USB ports and HDMI ports so you can plug in all the devices you want – we’ve got some nice PS4 and Xbox One X bundles to add onto your TV Rental!

We can even special order the QLED, OLED and other crazy models for our customers who would prefer an upgrade over the industry standard LED / LCD panels. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the standard LED Panels – especially when you have an Ultra High Definition resolution – I’ve got one at home! But some people do like the fanciest, latest and greatest and we’re able to provide it! We pride ourselves on offering the biggest range of models and premium features on our TVs. We also make sure that we provide the big-name Brands in TVs. We don’t do with no name brands from China or India – we deal with the top-quality trusted brands like LG, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Hisense etc. etc. you won’t find any garbage models here!

So no matter if you need a TV for your Bedroom in a sharehouse, if you need a Huge Smart TV for the living room, if you need a sweet 4K model for your man cave – you can get the TV Rental that you need at Delta. We’re the experts in TVs on Rent then Buy.

Don’t forget that we also offer free Perth Metro Delivery on all our TVs – if you can’t pick it up from the shop – we’ll make sure we deliver it to you in a timely fashion.