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Rent Then Buy Tablets

Delta Rentals has all the latest Tablets available on Rent then Buy Plans. We’ve got everything available from the basic models just for web browsing, emails and basic apps, all the way up to the 2 in 1 computer style tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro. We’ve got everything in stock from Apple and we’ve also got all the latest from Android makers like Samsung, Lenovo and Microsoft. Our Rent then Buy plan on Tablets are over 24 months with an option to buy at the end – usually $60-$120 depending on the item. We carry a huge range in stock and we are always happy to special order in models if you have something in mind.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think tablets is probably Apple and their iconic iPad series. We have the entire range of Apple iPad Rentals available at Delta. The Rent then Buy Plan is a great way to pay off an Apple iPad Mini, Apple iPad or Apple iPad Pro. We’ve got each model available in all the different colour options, storage size options and with the choice of GPS or GPS and cellular. So whatever model you need you can rest assured we’ve got you covered. Even the cool accessories like covers, keyboard covers and the Apple Pencil are available on Rent then Buy with the Rental Plan.

Then we have all the latest in the Windows and Android OS models like the Samsung Galaxy Tabs and the Microsoft Surface Pro. These models fill a need for when you need a bit more than just a tablet and need more of a full functioning computer. Once again, we do all the accessories on Rental Plans to with our Surface Rentals, these are things like the Protective Cases, Keyboard Covers and the Surface Pen / Surface Dial. So whatever kind of tablet rental you need, you can be sure that you’re going to find it at Delta Rentals.