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At Delta Rentals we’ve been doing Laptop Rentals and Desktop PC Rentals since 1996! That’s a pretty long time in our book, and that means we’ve got the experience to match you up to the perfect solution. Our Rent then Buy Plan on Laptops and the Rent then Buy Plan on Desktops are the same – they are a 24-month plan with an option to purchase at the end which is usually $120 but depends on the model of computer you get! We are able to really take the time to listen to your needs and see exactly what will suit you. We don’t want to sell you something that is too high end for what you need, and we don’t want to flog off something cheap that won’t do the job! We’ll assign a specialist staff to figure out exactly what will fit. We can even assist you with data transfer free of charge from your old computer to your new one!

We’ve been building Desktop PCs for as long as we’ve been around, so we’ll just mark that down as over 20 years’ experience! We build them all in house here with top quality components that are tried and tested and offer the best value for money out there. We can build and PC for Rent that you like. Whether it’s a Home PC for the kids to do homework on, all the way up to a custom-built Engineering High End Desktop PC Workstation – we have done them all before and know what to do. Our PC Rentals offer an excellent way to make sure you get what you want, plus be able to spread the cost out over time.

Our Top sellers in the PC range are the Value Desktop PC which is perfect for homes, the Office Desktop PC which as its name implies is great for office solutions, and then we have the custom-built PCs for things like Video Editing, Engineering Software, Music Production etc. etc. We’ve built every type of system before so we’ll be able to do something that meets your needs. Prices range from just $21 per week for and typical Office Desktop PCs are usually around the $25 per week mark. Then for the custom build ones the sky is the limit – it just depends on what you need!

In terms of Laptop Rentals, we’ve got so many options here for the windows lover. We’ve got basic laptops for home use, business grade notebooks, high end laptops with graphics for users who need a bit more grunt and then we’ve even got our Gaming Laptop range which there’s plenty of models to choose from. The Gaming Laptops are one of our best sellers, we have models that have the latest high-end CPUs, 16GB RAM and dedicated graphics cards up to 8GB! They even come with a Solid-State Drive + Hard drive combo and the latest windows 10. No matter what game you’re playing we’ll have a model to suit you!