Our Most Exciting TV Rental Yet!




Delta Rentals offers 55″ ULTRA HD Curved Smart TV

I’m sure everyone must have seen those new ads for the curved TVs whilst watching your shows at home. They seem pretty impressive, but are they really as impressive as the Ads make them out to be? The answer is yes. When you are sitting in front of the TV, with an Ultra HD movie playing, this TV is about as good as viewing can get in 2014. The picture is amazingly crisp and it almost has a feel of 3D about it, even though it is just curved. The Curved nature of the TV itself is pretty mind blowing when you are setting the TV up, its just such an innovation. The viewing angle is also not an issue. When people see that the TV is curved, they may think that viewing will be impossible from the side or impractical if they are not sitting squarely in the middle. However this is just not the case, we have thoroughly tested this with our display TV and it is really not an issue. We really can’t hype the UHD Curved TVs up enough. They are next level quality and a must have for the home cinema. Delta does TV Rentals on the Curved UHD TVs for $39 per week over 24 months with the option to purchase for $120 at the end. 

At the moment we have Samsung models in stock, we only rent the major TV brands. Check out the amazing features these offer!



Enhance and enjoy
Samsung’s Upscaling is an image processing technology designed to convert some lower resolution video to video with an improved picture quality, so you can enjoy images from some DVD, Blu-rayTM and broadcast content on a UHD screen.

Brilliant colour
Discover colour intensity with Colour Brilliance. Enjoy images that are vibrant, and onscreen action that seems to explode with amazing, rich palettes.

Dimming for detail
Experience image quality with great contrast, and help get the most from incredible UHD content. Samsung’s UHD Dimming adjusts brightness levels
to support the creation of deep blacks and clean whites.

Future Ready
TV technology evolves. With Future Ready, Samsung UHD LED TV may have the potential to help you keep pace with developing Samsung Smart TV and Smart Hub features.

Ultra High Definition pictures
With four times the pixels of Samsung FULL HD LED~ TV, Samsung UHD LED TV has the potential to reveal incredible detail, super contrast and vibrant, intense colour.

Multi-task on your TV
Samsung’s Multi-Link Screen brings a high level entertainment experience allowing you to access two or four windows, with two different content sources on the one screen simultaneously.

-TV and YouTube
Watch free-to-air TV and play a video clip from YouTube
-TV and the web
Search the web while watching free-to-air TV
-TV and apps
Find and play apps while you watch free-to-air TV

The Smart Hub entertainment gateway
The new Smart Hub4 provides fast access to an exciting variety of entertainment content. And with the intelligently organised panels of the Smart Hub, TV, movies, apps, games and the media on your home network are easy to find and quick to navigate.

Soccer Mode
Enjoy sound and picture settings designed to re-create the stadium experience, let Soccer Mode’s Auto Highlights select and save important moments of the big match to a connected hard drive, or watch a recorded match and a live game on the TV screen at the same time.

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