Brand New 55″ UHD Smart 3D TV Rentals on Special!

This Brand new Panasonic TV is going to be the next big thing in your life. Literally. It features a giant 55″ LED LCD Display with ULTRA HD Clarity. 

The picture above is the difference in display quality from 480p (Standard Definition), 1080p (which is  full high definition) and Ultra HD. Ultra HD is roughly 4 times the pixels which makes more a much clearer, sharper and vividly realistic picture. 

While UHD  has people both for and against it, we always recommend the feature! Having one on display in our shop next to a full HD screen just makes you appreciate the difference. When you have content that is specifically in Ultra HD the comparison side by side is extraordinary, we’d choose UHD every time.  The extra resolution of UHD images adds more detail, more depth and more colour resolution to the picture. So what is it like, how can we describe it to someone who hasn’t seen it before? Well it generates images that look ridiculously real – and it is actually more  like looking through a giant window than watching TV. Ultra HD resolution is especially effective on very large screens which is why we start the UHD TV Rentals at 55″.


So do we reckon its worth it? Absolutely. With our Special Deal on TV Rentals at the moment even more so! 

Not only do you get Ultra HD but you get a SMART TV and 3D Built in. This is the perfect addition to your home cinema to bring it up to that next level. Don’t forget, we also do surround sound rentals at Delta too! Bundle it together! 

For a limited time only from time of writing (13/05/15) we have Brand New Panasonic TVs on our Rent then Buy 24 month plan for $35 per week! (ONLY 5 AVAILABLE!!)This comes with an option to purchase at the end for $120. We cover the warranty for the full rental period, that’s right! Extended Warranty!

So if you need a TV, for whatever reason make sure you choose Delta for the best value, best quality and best service. No one can match our TV Rentals in Perth.

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