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Delta Rentals has been involved in renting TVs for a very long time. We have seen the progression from the classic Cathode Ray TV and then the emergence of the Rear Projection TV all the way up to the kind of TV you would expect to find in a millionaire’s mansion these days. For the longest time Television has been a primary form of entertainment in the household. Imagine the hours that we spend in front of the big screen at home. There’s no denying that something that gets used so often and is so central to our home entertainment, needs to be the best it can be. With Delta Rentals, we can make the your big screen dreams a reality with our huge range of home entertainment products.

We rent TVs of all sizes and in both the LCD and Plasma variety. It just depends on what you want our of your TV these days and the sky is the limit. We have done smaller 32″ TVs, 50″ Full HD Smart & 3D Plasmas and even 70″ Full HD Smart 3D LED LCD TVS on rent to own plans. The choice is entirely yours, it all depends on your individual needs. Maybe you just want to rent a small TV for a bedroom, perhaps you need a simple no featured TV as a second to your main one, or maybe you need that main TV, the centrepiece of the living room.

Our most popular size TVs, the ones we find our customers prefer to rent are generally in the 50″ or 60″ category. Continuing on with the popular theme, these days most customers expect a TV to be able to browse the internet…. at the very least. Luckily, Delta Rents Smart TVs as well, these TVs are almost able to act as a GIANT computer screen. Many have their own Youtube applications and many have their own web browser in built. Our top tip is to try and get yourself a compatible keyboard if you plan to use the smart features regularly.

Then there is the 3D question. will you use it? Many of our customers enjoy a cinematic experience at home and with the TVs and Sound Systems that Delta can provide, then it can truly come close. The 3D feature on TVs is certainly growing in popularity as the glasses are made better and the picture becomes more realistic. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of our 3D TV Rentals.

So now that the prospect of a brand new giant screen TV with smart and 3D has made your mouth water, its time to tell you, it IS affordable!

Delta offers rent to buy options on all of our TVs. This means flexible methods of payment, flexible payment frequency, full warranty over the period, free delivery and set-up in Perth metro and much more. Just give this page a read and it will explain it all : http://www.deltacomputers.net.au/why-delta/

Just give us a call at Delta on 9316 9310 and we can marry you up with your perfect TV and if you so choose, home entertainment system (including 3D Blu0Ray Player!).

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