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My name’s Lee Yates, I’ve had the pleasure of the professional services of Delta Computers since I arrived in Australia in May 2005. I was in need of a laptop and had no references, nobody to vouch for me, Delta Computers didn’t hesitate to assist me in setting up an account and getting me setup.
Since 2005, I’ve purchased in the access of $25k. I’ve stayed with Delta Computers due to a number of reasons, namely:

– Outstanding after sales Service.
– Off site support (they’ve installed numerous items at my residence outside of normal business hours)
– Quality of equipment
– Honesty
– Friendly and efficient staff
– Instant replacement of components/free loan equipment whilst repairs are undertaken – NO charge

Not only does the technical staff repair and service any issues that I’ve had but they offer sound advice and detailed specification information on any upgrades and more productive components I’ve enquired about, which has resulted in a cost saving and greater product performance. I’ve recommended a few of my colleagues to Delta Computers and they’ve all said the same “If only they had of utilised there services before, they would of been better off” I never recommend companies that I know don’t deliver on quality and service, with Delta Computers you get the full package, it’s fantastic knowing I can phone any time of day and get 100% satisfaction without any “hidden” contracts and agendas.
On at least two occasions I’ve not even been over to the office to sign up the contracts or sight the goods, they have emailed me the details, I’ve signed and returned and the components have arrived the following day.

An example of the terrific support, I formatted my hard drive (As you do) and they retrieved the information and had the laptop returned the next day due to the urgency of the documentation I required……………..”It’s all about service” another important aspect is the staff remain and know you personally, I use specific Design Software which is high spec, data base driven, I was give the correct advice on components that would suite my needs from the onset, saving costs and enabling me to get the most productive laptop on the market at a minimal cost. I’ve been offered on various occasions’ services and support from other companies in W.A. and even knowing the costs have been “slightly” less refused without any regrets. As in my business, “You Pay For What You Receive” I wouldn’t replace Delta Computers if it was free!!!! I challenge other computer companies to offer the package Delta deliver……