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At Delta rentals we are on the forefront of the latest and greatest technology. When its available on release date, you can Rent then Buy it. We offer Phone Rentals on the best brand new phones. Our Rent then Buy Phone plans are the best on offer. You wont find better anywhere else! Today this means the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. These phones are a huge step for Apple enthusiasts and a big upgrade for anyone coming from an iPhone 5S or lower.

In terms of the “S” version of phones, in the past we haven’t been all that impressed. They often just have a bolt on feature or minor changes that don’t really improve the overall experience of the phone. This was the case with the iPhone 4S and 5S. However, this release has been different from Apple. It’s been a big change, a good change and even people who have the iPhone 6 may consider upgrading because of it.

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So What’s New?

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The iPhone 6S has a new A9 chip which is the third gen in  Apple’s 64-bit chips. The impressive stat is that it is 70% faster than the A8 Chip in terms of processing and also up to 90% faster in graphics as claimed by Apple, so take this with a grain of salt. These sort of improvements make it a much better facilitator of Games Graphics. There is also an upgrade to the Motion-Coprocessor, which is now the M9 and is built into the chipset now.This allows activities such as step tracking from the phone.

The iPhone 6S’ camera has also received an extensive upgrade. The much improved 12-megapixel rear camera leaves the previous version’s 8MP camera in the dust. They have not only upgraded the hardware but the software too and this is going to translate to better low-light performance, greater detail and improved colour. Another neat little feature is the camera is now capable of larger panorama shots, not sure why this was needed but I suppose handy to have. The video side of the camera boasts the biggest improvement and if you’ve heard anything about the iPhone 6S you’ll probably know, 4K Video. The best part about the new iPhone is that it can edit the 4K footage it takes, which would have been a deal-breaker otherwise!

Live Photos is also new. Its a helpful little tidbit that records multiple stills with each shot,  (frames before and after the moment) so that you can 3D Touch them for a quick video-like “moment of vitality”.  The Live Photos feature is on by default, but according to Apple it is efficient at storage.

A 5-megapixel front-facing camera outclasses the previous 1.2 megapixels, and uses the phone’s screen as a skin-tone-friendly flash. If selfie quality is a priority in your new phone, this might be the place to look!

There’s new touch-screen gesture called 3D Touch. This has been seen once before as Force Touch as showcased in the Apple Watch. This technology measures how much pressure is applied from the tip of your finger to the screen. It’s easiest to think of it like a right click on a touch enabled tablet. If you hold your finger on the screen for longer, its a different effect as compared to a quick tap. In the New iPhone 6S a longer, “more forceful” press opens new menus or engages further with the media you are using. You can use 3D Touch for quick email glances, easy photo saving and other manoeuvring. It is used throughout IOS 9 which is a completely new Operating System for the phone.

“iOS 9 is a big reason why you won’t find anything else like iPhone. It brings together an elegant and intuitive interface, powerful features and robust security. It’s designed to work as beautifully as it looks. So you can enjoy everything you do — on a device that does everything.” – Apple

Finally, Apple has added a new colour to the familiar silver, gold and space gray. There is now rose gold. It’s not real gold, but an aluminum finish. We reckon its PINK, so get excited ladies.


iPhone 6S and 6S Rentals – Rent then Buy with Delta!

Now with the addition of all these new features on top of the already Impressive iPhone 6, the new iPhone 6S is well worth considering!

You can give the guys at Delta Computers and Rentals a call to discuss the Rent then Buy options! These go for 18 months and then at the end you have an option to purchase the Phone if you wish! The phones are Australian stock, which Delta covers the warranty for over the entire 18 month rental period. The phones are always Brand New in the Box and come unlocked and available to put on any network you wish!

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