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Hard drive recovery in Perth

There is no worse feeling than plugging in that external drive to your computer and receiving that terrible, dreaded message saying “device not recognized” or “Files Corrupted”. Panic starts to set in and we wonder if it is really all gone. All those photos and home videos, the thesis paper you have been working on for months, the MYOB accounting files for your company. If you took a moment to think about how valuable your data is, then you really begin to realize how essential it is that you do not lose it. We have seen so many business practices come into our store and you can just tell by the look of utter dismay on their face what has happened. 

The good thing is, we can come to the rescue. People fear the absolute worst when they have a storage device that has failed, but in many cases Delta Data Recovery Service in Perth can retrieve the data time and cost effectively. Whether you have a desktop computer, laptop computer, USB, External Hard Drive or even an SD card from a camera, the data is not lost and we can get it back for you. 

The Hard drive recovery in Perth service that we offer is limited to drives that are NOT physically damaged. So when a drive is not recognised, data is corrupted or lost/missing, we have a good chance of getting it back. 

Some common causes of data corruption and loss include:

  • Power outages or other power-related problems.
  • Improper shutdowns, such as caused by power outages or performing a hard restart: pressing and holding the power button or, on Macs so equipped, the restart button.
  • Hardware problems or failures, including hard drive failures, bad sectors, bad RAM, and the like.
  • Failure to eject external hard drives and related storage devices before disconnecting them or powering them off.
  • Bad programming, particularly if it results in either hard restarts or data that is saved incorrectly.

Any of these causes can result in a corrupted hard drive directory. A corrupted hard drive directory can cause files to apparently “go missing” and lead to further data loss or corruption, such files being overwritten with new data as a corrupted directory may no longer accurately reflect what disk space is free or available vs. the disk space that contains data. The term data is used here to mean both files you have created as well as application and operating system code. 

Data Recovery Service in Perth : Costs & Time-frame

computer repair in PerthSo down to the nitty gritty stuff. For our data recovery service, we charge a $65 inspection fee. For this we will fully diagnose the hard drive, including figuring out what data is accessible, how much data there is, how hard it will be to retrieve it and how long this will take. This inspection fee of course will come off the end price of the job. For that, you can be looking at anywhere from $120 extra and upwards just depending on the difficulty and amount of data.

We will always quote the customer before we go ahead with any work. We will never do anything you have not approved first!

Once we have the go ahead from the customer, we will try and do the job as quickly as possible. Best case scenario, you will be able to pick it up within 24 hours. However, on occasion it takes longer than this and it is really dependent on the individual job. 

 So Why Delta for Data Recovery?

Delta Computer repair in Perth has a large technical department, with staff who have been doing this type of repair for over 15 years. That’s a heck of a lot of experience, un-matched in Perth. If you read our testimonials and reviews on Google, you will quickly see that we are a trusted, reputable company with a long history. Lawyers trust us with data recovery, Doctor’s Surgeries trust us with data recovery and Accounting Practices trust us with data recovery. So rest assured, your hard drive is in the right hands!

http://www.deltacomputers.net.au/For any computer repair in Perth, contact Delta on 9316 9310 or email us at support@deltacomputers.net.au