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Computer Repairs you can Trust!

Established in 1996 with 5 staff who have been here since inception. That’s the technical expertise you get when you come in to Delta Computers. You could not be in more capable hands. If there is anyone in Perth who can repair your PC it’s the team of full time, qualified technicians at Delta. We have 5 Full time technicians who are but a phone call away from solving your computer problems! Some things we can even sort out over the phone!  Some other companies will take a week to even call you back and tell you what’s wrong with your computer, but here at Delta we always endeavour to have a free quote ready for you within the day!! Once you give the go-ahead (we never start any work before customer authorisation) we can have it repaired in 24 hours in most cases! That’s Service!

We offer a huge range of computer support services as well! We don’t just do Computer repairs for ones that are brought into our Applecross Workshop. We do IT support for businesses and have had glowing references from so many business customers including GPs , Accounting Practices, Law Firms and all sorts of companies in-between! We can come out on site to fix whatever issue it may be that you’re experiencing. Server down? No Problem. Emails not working? No Problem. Printer not Connecting? No Problem. We can get your business back up and running SAME DAY. We have seen the service other companies offer and to be honest, it’s disappointing. Delta is just SO much better. We have fixed problems in half an hour that other companies have not solved in days! (True story, just ask us!) But don’t take my word for it, read what our customers have to say: Testimonials

So what sort of Computer Repairs do we do in house? It will probably just be easier to list what we don’t do…. except I can’t really think of anything except Dust Free Laboratory grade forensic data recovery. (We do offer Data Recovery!) 


Hardware and Software Repairs

Our team of Technicians can fix almost anything computer related. Just to give you an idea here’s what we have fixed today (as at 2pm!):
PC / Laptop Hardware Repairs:
4 x Broken Laptop Screen
1 x Overheating HP Laptop – (Fan / Thermal Assembly repair)
1 x Replacement Keyboard for Sony Laptop
1 x Replacement DC Jack for Laptop
1 x Replacement Graphics card for Desktop Computer
1 x Clean out of dust build up inside Desktop PC
1 x Fixed iMac Screen that was randomly going on and off (Cable behind display)
1 x Desktop Computer RAM replacement

PC / Laptop Software Repairs:
3 x Virus Removal 
2 x Data Recovery
2 x General Clean-Up of Computer
2 x Operating System Fixes 

So it’s pretty fair to say, we are pretty efficient! And this is not even including all the over the phone technical support we do!

We genuinely believe that we are not like other computer shops at all. You will be greeted at the door and we will book your job in with our automated on-line system. 

Be Pleasantly surprised and choose Delta Computers for all your PC Repairs, Laptop Repairs and Mac Repairs in Perth. 



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