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Most businesses nowadays believe they are being smart by backing up their data onsite. Most of the time its a receptionist with an external hard drive completing the task. However, although this is better than having no backups at all it is highly inefficient, overly complex for general office staff and it is also left wide open to human error. If even the smallest mistake is made by human error when conducting the backups, you may as well not have any. The fact is, onsite backup is NOT secure, is NOT efficient and is simply NOT enough. Your backups are highly vulnerable unless they include secure offsite storageof a complete and up-to-date copy of your organisation’s data.

Here are just a few of the negatives if you only backup onsite which is not recommended at all.

  • We find that most companies that backup on site rely on a sole person, quite often this is an office junior or receptionist, to maintain the backup tapes and check on the hard drives, interchanging the media  regularly or alternatively when it is at capacity.As we mentioned previously, this leaves the backups wide open to human error. This could be due to being very busy, being forgetful, mislabelling or bad physical storage amongst many things. If you backup off-site then this particular fear is completely nullified.
  • Onsite backups are also inherently frail. Hard drives are the easiest thing to break in relation to computers. Anything with moving parts is always liable to be damaged by water, shocks and mishandling . The most worrying thing is that these sort of failures, especially mechanical ones, only become apparent at the most inopportune times (when you actually need the backup drive). In this sort of a case, the information is already lost and the backup drive would have been the only hope to save it.
  • Tapes and drives need to be sorted through and adequately filed, labelled and stored, if this isn’t done properly or is done half heartedly there is real potential for serious admin errors leading to lost data. It’s every company’s nightmare to have one backup drive that they rely on and not be able to find it when they desperately need it.
  • However remote you think the chance is, if your files are kept onsite, you are at risk of fire, theft, storms and natural disaster and much more.Not only could one of these things render the company out of action for days up to weeks, it is also invaluable data that is lost forever. That type of thing can be priceless.

Offsite backup using the Australian-based secure storage facilities removes all these risks. There are also numerous advantages to backing up offsite:

  • Files and information from remote locations – regional offices or mobile computers, for instance – can be centrally backed up, providing your company with complete and automatic data security across its network.
  • Because they manage the hardware and use only the latest technology, there is no risk that you won’t be able to access your data.
  • The offsite backup companies can give you access to the best, most secure offsite backup facilities available. The data warehouses are used by government agencies and large corporations. They are physically secure, with 24 hour security, and power and air conditioning redundancy. And all data is highly encrypted.
  • Best of all, if the worst happens and you need to rapidly recover your data, it will only be a courier journey away. Because your data is stored in Australia, it can be transferred to a portable hard drive and shipped to you via an Australia Post Messenger courier as quickly as possible.

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