Back to School and Need a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro? Use Delta Rentals!

So it is almost time for school to go back again and there is a new problem that has recently started popping up. Macs. Many schools these days require their students to have a Macbook. We have had  a flurry of customers lately scrambling to try to find a solution. The problem is that Macbooks are quite expensive. On top of all the other must buy things for back to school like uniforms, footwear, stationary, lunchboxes and backpacks etc. it becomes a pretty costly exercise  sending kids back to school. So what is the solution? Apple Macbook Air Rentals and Apple Macbook Pro Rentals with Delta. 

This is one situation where renting makes absolute sense. Instead of having to splash out over $1000 upfront and being out of pocket, you can spread out the cost over the rental period and make it so much more affordable! Our typical MacBooks start at just $27 per week over 24 months. This means you have a lot less financial pressure upfront. Its simple and its easy. 

Our Macbook Air Rentals and Macbook Pro Rentals all come with a free customer coloured cover and a carry bag. 

If you want to rent a Macbook in Perth, you wont find better value than Delta Rentals. Not only do we have the full range of Apple products so you can select the exact model that you need, we also have expert technicians to back up the product with after sale support. With our rental plan we provide warranty over the full rental period which works out to be an extended warranty at no extra cost! Imagine if your Child’s computer broke down and they had a very important assignment on there, just bring it back in to us and we will be able to fix it for you. No messing around with Apple or other retailers for weeks before anything gets done. Delta will make sure it gets sorted out straight away, efficiently and expertly. 

When you rent with Delta you also get the added bonus of being able to upgrade during and at the end of the rental period. Why is this so handy? Well if you Rent a MacBook Pro or Rent a MacBook Air with Delta, and your needs change at any point, you are not locked in to the one laptop. Say your son completes Year 8 and 9, then in year 10 he decides to take on a graphic design class, a standard Macbook might not be good enough any more. With Delta’s Rental plan you can return the item to us and upgrade! Its as simple as that. The flexibility offered on our Macbook Air Rentals and Macbook Pro Rentals is outstanding and not offered anywhere else.

However if you decide you want to keep the Macbook at the end of the rental, no problems! Just pay the set price end of rental purchase figure and it’s yours! For most of our MacBooks this is usually $120.

Macbook Pro Rentals and Macbook Air Rentals at Delta Just Make Sense for School!