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We had an interesting case come into our workshop the other day. It’s quite a common scenario really, it happens to a lot of people. The inevitable liquid spill. You might be sipping your morning tea or coffee while reading the news online when  it accidentally spills onto the keyboard. You may have knocked that energy drink over in the middle of a game. We have even heard of kids pouring a glass of water into the keyboard because the computer was “too hot”. It’s all happened before and you’re certainly not the first one to have accidentally given the computer a drink! It might be very alarming at first because we all know liquids and electronics don’t mix, but don’t panic. The team of professional, expert technicians have fixed this sort of thing many times before.

How do you know you have a problem though? Well most of the time it’s quite obvious. The keyboard doesn’t work, the computer wont turn on, the screen doesn’t light up but the computer seems to be on. These are all indicators that the liquid spill has caused some damage. The extent of the damage really depends on how much was spilled onto it and where it has seeped through to!

If it is brought into our workshop we can give free quotes on what it will cost to repair. Our technicians will begin work on it immediately once it’s left with us. They will begin to disassemble the unit and inspect the severity of the problem. Hopefully it doesn’t look like this one that was pulled apart a few days ago!

20140624_113450 20140624_113500

In this case we can see some pretty serious corrosion on the motherboard and this is not good news. The sooner you bring it in to us to fix, the better the odds are of it being fixable. Sometimes the case may be that the spill has so greatly damaged the motherboard, that the computer may cost more to fix than it is worth. Although this is sad news, Delta can set you up with a new computer and hopefully recover all the data from your broken computer and transfer it to the new one! Imagine that, you may have thought you had lost everything. Photos, videos, music, documents and emails could have been all gone, but in most cases it is possible to recover the data. We can set your new computer up exactly the way your old one was, including (believe it or not) your favourites and folders etc.

Delta has a huge range of brand new computers to suit your requirements. However if you’re not up for shelling out some money for a new computer, we have a range of ex rental computers that are much cheaper. We also have a great range of brand new laptops on rent to own plans.

If we look on the bright side though, your computer may be easily fixed! It could be as simple as replacing the keyboard.

In any case, if you bring your liquid damaged computer into the friendly staff at Delta, we will be able to sort it  out for you.

Liquid Spill Repairs – Delta Has the solution!