Delta does Notebook Rentals, Ultrabook Rentals and Tablet rentals!

At Delta we rent the widest range possible of laptops you can imagine. Whatever your requirements are, we have the right computer for you. Regardless of if you are a business customer or a home user, the friendly and professional staff at Delta will be able to match you up with the perfect fit. If you come to Delta to rent out a laptop for either short term or long term, you will be renting from the longest running and most experienced computer rental company in Western Australia. Delta has a highly trained team of technicians that will assist with the transition from your old computer to your brand new one, including data transfer and complete set up and installation of all software etc. Coming to Delta is like the red carpet service, unlike other rental companies, we specialise in Technology and therefore can provide the very best service to our customers as we have been doing the past 18 years.

If you are after any sort of laptop just have a browse of our webpage and you’ll see the wide variety we offer. We have a specialist Gaming Laptop for rent at $32.10 per week*. This sort of laptop is the ideal machine for gaming on the go. It features an Intel i7 Processor, 16Gb RAM, 2Gb GTX860M Video Card, 1Tb Hard Drive, Full HD Resolution 15.6″ Screen, BluRay Combo, USB 3.0 and an Integrated HD Camera plus Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System. It is a fantastic option if you decide you need portability rather than a traditional desktop gaming computer.

We have laptop computers of all shapes, sizes, brands, specs and even colours. With our brand new general purpose models starting at only $23 / week* they are a very affordable solution to your computing needs. We have everything from the simplest most basic notebooks all the way up to the professional business models with high end processors, solid state drives and touch screens. The choice is endless and mostly comes down to personal preference and what purpose the laptop will be used for. Feel free to come in and ask one of our knowledgeable salespeople and they will come up with a quote on a model that suits you.

We also stock all manner of tablet computers which seem to be the latest trend. If you are after a sleeker, lighter and more stylish option that can be used as a tablet as well as a computer then Delta also has the right products for you. By giving up a little bit of functionality many things are gained when switching to a tablet-computer such as battery life, weight and touch-screen ability. The most popular models that are rented in this regard are the Microsoft Surface (from $13 / week*) and the  Asus Vivo-Book (from $12 / week*) .

Then of course there is the Apple Range. That’s right, Delta do MacBook Pro rentals AND MacBook Air rentals. Starting from a very affordable $27 / week* these models come with a free coloured protective case that makes them look even more stylish than they already are. They are one of the most popular products at Delta and go flying off the shelves.

Whether you need a computer for long or short term, there is no problem as we can tailor make a package to suit you.

So if you are in the market for Laptop Rentals, Notebook Rentals or Tablet rentals, Delta Computers is definitely the place to go. If you give us a ring on 9316 9310 we will be happy to discuss any and all requirements with you! The approval process is quick and easy over the phone and only takes about 4 minutes.

Trust Delta with your Laptop, Ultrabook and Tablet Rental needs!

*all prices based on 24 month rental with $120 option to purchase at the end.

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