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At Delta Computers we have the widest range of notebook rentals and laptop rentals that you can imagine. It’s pretty incredible actually. If you were to go to any other company they would give you a standard choice of very few, bland and boring looking models. Often they wouldn’t even be any good. At Delta Rentals, I’ve just had a peak at the display section at currently we have over 15 different models of Laptops for rental. That simply spoils you for choice.

But in practicality what does this actually mean? Well it means that you will get a laptop that is perfect for your needs. It wont have features you don’t need ( but still have to pay for) and it will be able to do all the things you require from it easily. Even if you are unsure of what you actually need, we have expert staff that will be able to figure out exactly what kind of computer will suit you best. When it comes to picking out a laptop, we understand it can be hard, after all there are so many different components and each one is so different from the next.

There’s processors, hard drive size and type, graphics card, memory, screen size, battery life, operating system. So much choice! And then of course there is colour. Most laptops today are either that shiny mac silver or a generic black. At Delta Rentals we have a range of coloured laptops, including blue, white, red, green and plus with our Macbooks we provide custom coloured covers so you can have any colour you want!

Delta only rents reputable brands that we have been dealing with for over 15 years. These include Toshiba, Asus, HP, Samsung and a few more.

This a recent perfect example of how renting a computer from Delta is a tailored, red carpet, professional service.

Yesterday a mother came in with her daughter who needed a laptop for school, but couldn’t afford to buy one outright. The expert staff asked what the laptop would be mainly used for and if it needed to run any special programs to get a better idea of what would suit the daughter best. They asked about size, portability and colour as well, then they had a pretty good idea of what would suit her best. They recommended a notebook that had an Intel i3 CPU (the computer was no doing much intensive work, mainly web browsing, emails and word documents). They also recommended a 500GB Hard drive as the daughter didn’t need the speed of a Solid State Drive and still needed a larger storage space for movies and music. Then they recommended 4GB RAM which is standard as nothing special was needed. After this they also thought a full HD 15.6″ Screen would be perfect size and resolution. From determining these details, the staff at Delta deduced she would be best suited to a nice, brand new, white HP Notebook. It was the perfect fit. At only $22 per week plus a $120 option to buy at the end of the 2 year rental period, this was the perfect solution for the mother and daughter.

If you are after laptop rental or notebook hire in Perth, then Delta Computers really has to be your first destination. At Delta everyone is treated as an individual, not just as part of their customer base. Each rental is optimized for exactly what each individual needs and you can be assured that you will get the absolute best service, the newest and best technology and value that you just can’t beat!

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