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There is one thing in common with nearly all gamers these days, and that is they want the best system and need the best system. However, if you tried to piece together a computer yourself you may not have the capability to assemble it. Plus let’s be realistic, Customer Built Gaming PCs are expensive, very expensive. Some high end graphics cards cost $500 alone! That’s just a single part! Imagine what sort of cost you would be looking at for a Case, power supply, motherboard, hard drive, solid state drive, lots of RAM, high end motherboard, high end CPU, Blu Ray drive, Gaming Monitor, Operating system, Microsoft Office, Speakers, Gaming Keyboard and Mouse…. the list goes on and on! And if you really do want a top quality system, these are the things you are going to need.

We have certainly established that its expensive to build a new system yourself. BUT what if a specialist computer company offered you the custom built gaming system of your dreams from as little as $35.10 per week! You could even have it as soon as this afternoon! Delta does Gaming PC Rentals and Gaming Desktop Hire. Now that figure is of course based on 24 months and has a definite option to purchase at the end for $120. So how cheap is that! Only $35.10 per week is so affordable. It lets your spread out the cost over a period of time, but enjoy the system from the very start. Delta’s Rent then Buy plans always offer exceptional value, but they also come with outstanding service. We offer a full brand new warranty over the entire rental period so any sort of normal breakdowns or hardware faults are covered completely by us. Say if your graphics card stops working or a fan is getting extremely loud, just bring it back in to us and we will fix it under warranty. We have a team of 5 full time technicians to answer your each and every question and optimise your gaming experience. If you want the system configured a certain way, they can organise it for you.

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The other extremely handy option for gamers is the ability to upgrade at the end or during the rental period if your needs change. Lets say you bought a system and built it yourself. In a year I can guarantee that so many parts will be out dated and superseded. The advantage of Delta’s Gaming PC rentals is that you will never be out of date. If a new graphics card comes out in just over a year’s time, you can upgrade! And the best part is that if after the 24 month rental period you find that your system is just too old and you want the latest and greatest, just return it to us and we will set you up with a brand new custom built gaming pc. This is the most effective way to ensure you are always up to date with the best components and at minimal cost. To rent a Gaming PC is just a smart idea. It is the best way to get long term value if you keep wanting to upgrade!


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