Delta is your one stop shop for Computer Rentals in Perth!

When it comes down to it, there is no doubt that Delta Computers and Rentals is by far the best in Western Australia when it comes to renting computers. Whether you judge it by service or by the rental plan itself and the value included, there is no denying that Delta Rentals should be the first choice for anyone wishing to rent any computer. If you check out our range you will find that we offer an unbelievable range of computers, in fact we even custom build them so there is always a computer to suit your needs. There are desktop rentals, laptop rentals, tablets and ultra-book rentals and one of our best seller’s the custom built gaming computers rentals.

Delta Computers and Rentals has been renting computers since before the internet. The team of 5 full time technicians behind the scenes just go to show how supportive and helpful it is to have a workshop full of experts behind your rental plan. The experience and professionalism of this team ensure that all products being rented function as they should, so there is no long phone calls to an offshore call centre to get a simple issue resolved, you ring Delta and we will answer within seconds.

Our Range of Laptop Rentals is ever expanding. There are the regular style laptops for everyday use, there are specialist business laptops, notebooks perfect for students and not to mention the Gaming Notebooks which are incredibly powerful. There are many different styles, sizes and degrees of functionality to choose from and the amount of colourful and practical models on display in our Applecross premises will attest to this. The new sensation in the laptop area is the Ultra-Book. These slim, light and powerful notebooks will have you wishing you’d rented one from day 1. Equipped with quality CPUs, Windows 8 and Solid State Drives, these machines are built for speed and functionality. Many students and many business professionals will choose these without hesitation. We have a wide range of colours and styles of these so there is one to suit anyone.

On the other hand, our desktops rentals are exclusively built by Delta Computers. This way you will get exactly what you need, not what the “closest fit” may be (often you pay a nice premium for parts you don’t want or need). Our experienced team of salespeople will more than competently walk you through the process of determining exactly what it is that you need in your next computer. Once that is decided it’s time to put it together. Usually within 48 hours of receiving the final specifications the computer is ready to go. Our flagship model in the desktops category is the Gaming Computer Rentals. These are built to the highest specifications with i7 CPUs, 16GB RAM, 2TB HDD & 120SSD and GTX660s as the base system. If you want to upgrade any of those parts its up to you. These also come with your choice of Gaming Case, in Red, White or Blue (or traditional black).

Delta also does MacBook Rentals, iPad Rentals and iMac Rentals. That’s right, they stock the entire Apple range. So if its one of these flashy new computers that you are after, Delta is the perfect place to look.

You wont find a Computer rental provider with a better range! So give Delta a call on 9316 9310 today!

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