Computer Repairs Perth
When we think of a computer shop and the people working in there, we often don’t realise how incredibly varied the work is and how expertly skilled the technicians are. There are endless problems with computers that happen inevitably. It could be your first day using a brand new one and the RAM tests as faulty, you may have an 8 year old computer which suddenly stops working due to a fried motherboard. Unfortunately these things happen and in many cases it is simply unavoidable and quite unlucky. The fact is that computers have so many different components in them and they all have the potential to become faulty, and that’s just the hardware side of it! In terms of software repairs, well we all know about viruses, malware and adware. Although we don’t all know about the lesser experienced problems such as driver issues, update fails and other third party software related issues.

This all just goes to show how much knowledge our technicians at Delta have, although with many of them having been working at Delta for 18 years it isn’t surprising. The fact that Delta Computers can have a technician diagnose your computer in under 24 hours and get back to you with a solution as quickly as that takes a whole lot of skill. When you factor in that every computer is built differently and our technicians are proficient at both Apple and Windows based repairs, it really goes to show how impressive their knowledge base is. Delta Computers really is the best computer repair shop in Perth.

So now that we all realise how complicated technician life is, lets take a look at what sort of jobs walk through the door on a daily basis!

Today, our first customer was a cracked screen. This is one of our most common issues that we face. Its a shame that computer screens are so delicate but there is no other way to make them. We have seen even the smallest of knocks cause a screen to crack, often leaving a very frustrated customer. They are broken in all different ways, ranging from leaving headphones inside it when closing the lid, to running over it with a car (yes we have actually had this happen to a customer). At Delta Computers our Cracked screen repair service is second to none. If the screen is a standard one, (which in the case of our first customer it was) then we can have it completely fixed for $192 supplied and installed. Not only is it cheap but it is also extremely quick! Our customer this morning dropped the laptop in at 8:45am and had it back before 9:45am! We aim for 1 hour repairs on the screens so it would be rare to find a scenario when it takes longer. Of course, if your laptop has a more obscure screen then it may take a couple of days to get the replacement in stock, but once it is in, we can fix it in an hour or less!

The next customer in the door had a computer that was overheating and making a strange noise. Our technicians inspected the laptop and within a couple of hours had diagnosed the problem and informed the customer of cost and turnaround time. At Delta, we give free quotes on this sort of job so you can assess whether it is worth fixing or not. In this case, the technicians found that the thermal assembly and fan needed to be replaced, a typical hardware repair. We ordered the parts as soon as the customer had gone ahead.

One of our Business customers came in next with a computer that was a company laptop. It had a new use and needed to be wiped completely clean and be set back to “out of the box” condition. This was not a problem at all. The technicians at Delta are able to wipe it clean and re install the operating system so it will operate as new. Due to be picked up in 24 hours.

We also had two customers come in with very similar problems. One system was running very slow and had a lot of popups and the other customer’s system was running very slowly and also needed an anti-virus program put on there. These sorts of issues we see all the time. You’d back out technicians to beat a computer virus 10/10 times. Virus removal and malware removal is one of the most common problems we see.

The next person who came in presented us with a USB stick. They explained to us that he had some very important data on it and every time he put it in the computer it could not be found and when it was found it couldn’t be recognised. Imagine all that important, crucial information stuck on the USB. Our Data Recovery team are very proficient with this sort of recovery and were able to retrieve all the data later that day.

As I’m writing this its about midday and we have already had such a large array of problems come in. But the point is, no matter if it is software repair, hardware repair, data recovery, cracked screen repair or virus removal the technicians at Delta can fix everything! Believe us, we have seen it all and as such, we are able to fix it all!

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