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One of the busiest times of the year is undoubtedly Christmas. The time where the budget is stretched and in today’s market the biggest and the best gifts keep costing more and more. Why not choose Delta Rentals this Christmas and get the item that you have wanted so badly but just couldn’t afford to buy outright? We understand and we try to help each and every individual who contacts us enquiring about renting. We want our customers to have the very best and we want to make your Christmas a special one. Let Delta help out this Christmas and help you get your kids that Gaming PC they have been wanting, the 60″ 3D TV the living-room has been needing or that MacBook Pro for yourself. 

Delta is offering some incredible value specials this year, and here are just a few!

Get our Brand New Custom Built Gaming PC Rental for $35.10 per week with a FREE UPGRADE to a GTX760 Video Card! That’s a big step up from the standard GTX660! 

Gaming PC Rentals

Rent our Brand New Gaming Notebook at $32.10 and we will put in a 128GB Solid State Drive for FREE! Solid state drives are a massive performance booster and raise any gaming laptop up to the next level. 


If you rent one of our Apple MacBooks we will include a free carry bag and a free custom coloured protective case and keyboard cover! These are not only super stylish but have the added benefit of protecting the MacBook from scratches and small knocks! MacBook Rentals start from $27 per week. 

apple rental perth

We also have brand new 4K TVs. What is a 4K TV? Well, a normal standard definition TV has a resolution of 720 x 576. Not many TVs come with that any more, if any. Full High Definition resolution is 1920 x 1080 which is a huge step up from Standard. And now there is 4K Resolution which is 3840 x 2160. Compare that to full high definition and it is also a giant leap forward. 


In addition to the new 4K TVs we also have the new sensation, Curved TVs. We currently have a 4K Curved TV on display in our show room and I must say the picture is extremely crisp and detailed and the curved dimension makes for a more cinematic viewing experience. our TV rentals for these are $39 per week for the 55″ Curved 4K TV and just $36 per week for the 55″ Flat 4K TV. 


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