Rent then Buy Apple iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

At Delta we are committed to bringing our customers the very latest brand new technology as soon as it hits the shelves in Australia. If it’s out, then you can rest assured that Delta will be offering it. The release of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is a huge announcement and there have been numerous changes made! It’s a great time to be an iPhone lover because you really are spoilt for choice now!

Delta does the Rent then Buy plans on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, with the same 18 month period and option to buy at the end. We have all the different models available. That means if you just want a 32GB Gold iPhone 7, no problems. If you want a 256GB Rose Gold iPhone 7 Plus, no problems. We have the entire range so just enquire and let us know which one you need!

The prices for these start at $32 / wk for the iPhone 7 and $36 / wk for the iPhone 7 Plus. These are based on our 18 month Rent then Buy Plan with a $90 option to purchase at the end.

If you would like a quote or just want more information please visit our Phone Rentals Page here:


Performance: The iPhone 7 now features an improved A10 Fusion Chip. This is a significant improvement and more powerful than the previous chip but also incorporates a new type of architecture. As seen in previous generations of Android phones, it has separate performance and two efficiency cores. What this mean for the user is that even though the battery is the same size as the previous generations, you should technically experience better battery life due to the fact that less power will be used when performing non-taxing tasks which could be as simple as checking your email. Apple now claims that due to the new system architecture the battery in the iPhone 7 will last two hours longer than the iPhone 6s, and the iPhone 7 Plus one hour longer than last year’s Plus model.


Camera: This is pretty impressive as the standard iPhone 7 features optical image stabilisation, a 12MP main camera with a bigger aperture, a six-element lens plus the ability to capture a wider gamut of colours. The iPhone 7 Plus also shares the same system as its smaller brother, as well as a second 12MP telephoto lens that provides an optical 2x zoom. Any digital zoom beyond 2x will also use this lens, which will result in less image distortion. These cameras are also able to combine and work together to sense the depth of a scene and apply a blur only to the background for portrait pictures. However Apple have teased us a little bit here as that feature won’t be available until a software update to come later. The front camera is now 7MP. A new signal processor, which which Apple VP Phil Schiller called a “supercomputer for images”, processes over 100 billion operations for each single photo. The rear flash is now brighter and photographers can capture images in RAW format. This is going to be a powerhouse of a camera for a phone. Possibly the best in it’s class.


Design: The iPhone 7’s Home button is now powered by a ‘taptic engine’, similar to the type of trackpad on the new MacBook, it is now sensitive to pressure and not physical clicking. This should make the need for repairs a bit less frequent, but the main benefit to this is the iPhone 7 is now water and dust resistant to IP67 standard.
The 3.5mm headphone jack is gone, meaning audio will come through the new stereo speakers or a headset attached via the Lightning port. The phones are supplied with the standard headphones and a lightning port adaptor.
The screen on the iPhones is now brighter and displays a wider gamut of colours for “cinema-standard colours”. The resolution remains the same.


Finishes: The phones come in the familiar silver, gold and rose gold (pink) finishes, but the usual space grey is nowhere to be found. Instead the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have two versions of black: a matte black and a glossy “jet black”. The antenna lines on the back of the phones have been moved to be less obvious.