Rent Then Buy Plan Explained

What is Rent then Buy?

Rent then Buy Plans are what Delta have been offering since 1996! They are an awesome and convenient way for customers to get the product of their dreams on an affordable payment plan. It’s a really good opportunity for customers who couldn’t otherwise purchase the product they were dreaming of. We’ve got thousands of customers from all over Western Australia – from Broome to Esperance and everywhere in-between!

So what is the Rent then Buy Plan? 
It’s a 24 month rental agreement (or 18 months for Phones) where you’re able to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly on a day that suits you. While you’re renting your product is fully covered by our warranty and is fully supported by our 5 full time technicians.

At the end of the Rental period you get the option to purchase the product. The purchase price depends on the type of product but generally ranges from $60 for small goods like iPads to $170 for high end TVs or Custom PCs.

At the end of the Rental you also get the follow options:
1. Continue to Rent the Product – You can continue on your current payment cycle and we’ll continue providing the support and warranty!
2. Hand the product back and pay no more – end the rental agreement then and there if you don’t need it anymore.
3. Upgrade! If you’ve had a good time with your product, but think it’s time to get the latest and greatest – just bring your old one back to us, and we’ll upgrade you to a brand new model with nothing to pay upfront generally! You’ll be starting a new Rental Agreement for the new product, but your pricing will likely remain very similar.

It’s as simple as that. There are no extra fees, charges or bonds. You simply pay the nominated rate over the rental period (24 or 18 months) and then if you want to purchase the item at the end you can!

If you want to pay it off early and own the product you can! If you want to payout all at once at any time you can! We typically encourage this and there are no penalties for doing so. In fact you will actually get a discount by paying out your rental agreement early.

Delta Rentals and Rent then Buy is a Good Choice!

  1. Widest Range of Premium Brand New Tech Available!

    Here at Delta we have the widest range of Brand New Technology available on Rent then Buy plans. We are the only place offering premium quality products that are just downright exciting! We are able to do all the latest Phones, Macs, Custom Built PCs, TVs, Cameras, Tablets, Consoles… the list goes on and on! If you want something we don’t have in stock – that’s no problem, we can special order it in for you! We’re the only place that gives you these top quality products.
  2. Get the Product Straight Away! 
    There’s no beating around the bush with us – when you take out a Rent then Buy Plan you will get the item as soon as you sign the paperwork! You get the item without having to spend a huge sum of money upfront. It’s the affordable, quick and easy way to go. Oh and if you need delivery on our TVs (most of them are too big to fit in cars now!) we’re happy to do Free delivery in the Perth Metro area.
  3. FULL Warranty while you Rent
    This is the Delta Difference. We are a specialist Tech shop based right here in Perth. For as long as you rent, we’ll cover your warranty. That means you’ve always got peace of mind that you’ll be covered if something goes wrong. Our staff are all local too – so there’s no mucking about with other states or countries to try and get support. Please note, this is a return to base warranty.
    We stand behind our products so you can have 100% confidence it’ll go the distance.
  4. Backup Support from our 5 Full Time Technicians

    We’re the only place you’re going to be backed up by 5 full time technicians! We’re a specialist technology shop and we have fully qualified and trained professional staff to back you up. If something’s not working the way you thought, or you’re having a bit of trouble with a feature etc. we can help you out. Give us a ring on 9316 9310 anytime we are open for business and a technician will assist you straight away.
  5. Priority Repairs & Same Day Assessments!

    If your product has got an issue – that’s something we take seriously. Bring it back to us and we’ll treat it as top priority to get it sorted. We’ll even back up your data if possible with the repair service on PCs. That way you wont lose those precious photos, downloaded games, movies and music.
  6. Loan Product Provided if Repairs will take a while

    We understand that you need your item. So if you’re repairs are going to take a while we’ll provide you with something to get you by in the meantime!
  7. Option to Upgrade / Change During the Rental
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    Sometimes our customer’s needs change during the rental. We give you the options to upgrade or change if you need to! We’re all about working out solutions for our customers and we want to try and get the best solution for everyone.
  8. Quick ‘n Easy Process!

    It’s quicker than ever to get your hands on brand new gear with Delta. In just minutes you can apply online or over the phone. It’s a simple process and it’s all obligation free too! Our approval process usually only takes 30-45 minutes – then you can come in straight away and pick-up. Now that’s service!
  9. No Problems with Poor Credit History, or No Credit History!
    At Delta all our finance is done in house – no external companies are involved. That means our bankers can take a proper look at your whole situation, not just a credit score. We have lots of customer who don’t have perfect credit history, but we’re still able to find a solution! Even if you have no credit history, we’re happy to give you a go.
  10. Flexible Payment Frequency & Methods!
    It makes sense for us to fit in with our customers. That’s why we offer Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly payment options to suit your budget. We even offer the ability for you to set the payments to a day that you prefer. For example if you get paid on a Wednesday arvo, we can direct debit on the Thursday for you.
    We also offer a few different ways to pay. Direct Debit is the most common way but we also do Credit Card / Debit Card payments, EFTPOS or EFT. We’re also tied in with Centrelink who are happy to pay us directly with Centrepay! So if you receive any benefits from them, that’s more than okay with us!
    Direct Debit Centrepay Credit / Debit Card Eftpos / EFT

If you’ve got any questions about the Rent then Buy Plans you can always check out our Frequently Asked Questions page here:

Or you’re more than welcome to email or give us a buzz on 9316 9310!

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