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Delta has been providing professional business solutions for over 23 years in Perth and surrounding areas. We’ve become the go to business specialists in the IT world. We’ve got experience, knowledge, skills and professionalism that is unmatched in the whole of Western Australia. We find that because we’re a locally owned business we fit hand in glove with our business customers. No matter how big or small your operation is you can get the right advice and the perfect products to suit you with Delta.

With 5 full time technicians with over 50 years’ combined experience in the industry, you’re getting top quality support that you know you can rely on. And our sales staff? Well 4 of them have been with Delta since it’s beginning, so they know what they’re talking about when it comes to business. We’ve provided solutions to pretty much every kind of business you can think of! From sole trader accountants to International resources companies we’ve dealt with it all. Every single one of our business clients are extremely satisfied with their choice to use Delta.

Renting from Delta is convenient, easy and flexible to suit your Business. We want to build a long-term relationship with your business and watch as you succeed. Renting lets you put your capital where you need it most. Spread out the cost of equipment over time so it fits your cash-flow and your business. Rental payments are usually 100% tax deductible. We understand that for many businesses starting up, cash flow is tight, so why purchase expensive systems outright when you can hire them! It just makes sense.

  • Bookkeepers / Accountants / Tax Professionals
  • Professional Writing Services / Authors
  • Law Firms / Doctor’s Surgeries
  • Pest Controllers / Exterminators / Cleaners
  • Plumbers / Electricians / Landscapers / Bricklayers / Gardeners
  • Real Estate Agents / Settlement Agents / Travel Agents / Tour Guides
  • Auto Mechanics / Car and Motorbike Sales
  • Music Producers / DJs / Photographers / Video Producers
  • Professional E-Sports Athletes
  • Graphic Designers / Media Production Agencies / Marketing Agents / Web Designers
  • Architects / Engineers
  • Hairdressers / Personal Stylists

That’s just a small cross section of the type
of Businesses that do Rent then Buy Plans with Delta!


  • Payments are tax deductible for businesses
  • Spreading out the cost enables better cash flow management
  • Full 2-year warranty during the rental period.
  • Basic Tech support from 5 full time technicians.
  • Priority Repairs with Same Day assessments.
  • Loan Product provided if repairs will take a while.
  • Data Backup if possible, with the VIP Repair service.
  • Option to upgrade / change should your needs change during the rental.
  • Receive the item you need to expand / improve your business immediately without the massive capital outlay.
  • Quality, professional advice on what products and services are right for your business. Set your business up the right way with us.

Whether your business needs one computer or 50 we’ll be able to find the right solution on our flexible payments plans for you. We’re specialists in both Apple and Windows computers and tablets, plus we are able to tackle the more advanced things like servers, printers, networks and domains, email configurations and specialist software integrations. If you think it’s hard, chances are that we’ve done it before and it won’t be a problem for us!

The Rent then Buy Plan is extremely popular with businesses from all over WA because of the extraordinary service we provide with it, not to mention the specialist advice and recommendations. We understand that you don’t want anything over the top, and you don’t want something that doesn’t do the job! That’s why we carefully assign you a business expert who has experience in your field to listen to, evaluate and understand your business. That way we can make the best-informed choices for you and be 110% confident with our product and service!

Computers speak can be like another language and we recognise that. We make it a very friendly environment where you can express your Business’ needs and we’ll take care of the nitty gritty details. But if you want to chat specs then we’re happy with that too!

For example, a Video Producer might know they need a higher end desktop system, but they might need to be guided to the fact that they’d be best off with a higher core / thread count CPU like an Intel Core i7-8700K with a custom cooling solution, 32GB DDR4 RAM with an NVME M.2 Solid State drive and a powerful dedicated GTX or RTX Graphics Card. – we’ve just got so much experience for each and every scenario that comes to us that we can tailor the perfect solution for our customers.


  • Server installation, setup and maintenance 
  • Onsite and Remote Cloud Backup
  • Help Desk Support – We guarantee we will answer every time!
  • Remote Support
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Hosted Exchange Setup
  • Wired and Wireless Networking
  • Super-Fast Response to requirements for new equipment, technical issues or system advice
Business Customer Reviews
“After having my businesses laptop broke down, I contacted the company our office uses that installed the new hard drive that just failed to get a replacement laptop asap and recover my data, after calling them at 11am in the morning I was assured I would get a call back soon due the nature of my issues. I had still not heard anything by close of business that day even after I followed up at 2pm stating I needed this addressed urgently. At the end of the day I decided to place an out of hours enquiry to Delta Computers about a replacement laptop and data recovery from my old laptop.
The next day I woke up to an email from James at Delta providing me with options for a new laptop and data recovery assistance. I still had not heard from the company I had contacted and worked with for 2 years previously. I cannot state how important it was for me to recover the data fast from my previous weeks work and get back up and running fast.
In the end Delta Computers have now provided me with a fully functional laptop, recovered all of my data from my old laptop and all within 24 hours of the initial request. Their customer service was second to none and I will be using them going forward and referring them to all my clients.
Great work James and all the team at Delta Computers. It was fantastic to see exceptional customer service still exists in the IT and Computer Tech industry.
Thank you so much for getting me back up and working.”
Tony Wootton – Professionals Real Estate
“The team at Delta are exceptional. They expertly get on with the job even when dealing with the technologically challenged.”
Verena Marshall – Skill Matters
“Best service in Perth. I’ve been with these guys for years and they have never failed me or my business.”
Greg Parsons – Star West Party Hire
“I have run a busy specialist medical clinic for 13 years and from day one I have depended on Delta Computers. I can honestly say they have never let me down, and on several occasions, they have saved my bacon by restoring data which seemed lost forever. They have never laughed at my basic questions, which has been kind. If a problem cannot be solved remotely, which is increasingly rare now that they can take over my computers by remote access, they come to the premises. Delta has pretty well removed the stress associated with running a network of computers in small business.”
– Dr. Peter Burke – IT Medical

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