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The progression of technology in TVs is simply outstanding. Delta Computers does so many TV rentals and TV hires these days that its hard to keep up with them all! At Delta, over the 18 years we have been operating we have seen the evolution from the cathode ray TV to the giant curved 3D TV.

We do rent to own on TVs of all sizes, from 32″-60″ and in some cases even larger. We’ve seen all the flashy features such as Smart, 3D and Curved.

Here’s a brief summary on what our typical Rental TV is like:

Introducing our LG Smart 3D TV. This is the next generation of Smart TV for LG, delivered in a seamless, simple and really stylish way. LG’s webOS is a truly innovative Smart TV operating system that makes it a totally unique experience and is brand new to the range of LG TV’s in 2014. The LG Smart TV is where you can view a host of entertainment content in one place. It allows you to stream online content from major broadcasters (including ABC iView, SBS on Demand) , download apps, watch your smartphone content on your TV, and view movies, photos and music files stored on your PC and portable devices.

It also boasts a 100Hz screen refresh rate delivers a world class viewing experience for sport, movies, TV shows and gaming.

The Triple XD Engine in LG TVs offers rich colours, deep contrast and high clarity images. This offers customers excellent colour reproduction, more details expression and refined image quality, all adding to your viewing enjoyment.

Full HD TVs are double the picture definition of HD TVs, giving you a very clear image in larger screen sizes. Details are rich, gradations are smooth, giving you an oustanding picture on your LG TV.

Bright 3D pictures made possible by the Cinema 3D technology. You can enjoy 3D TV in your home the way 3D was meant to be, just like at the movies.

This is a Wi-Fi Built-In TV and as such they have an on-board Wi-Fi chip allowing easy connection to your home Wi-Fi network without any additional hardware.

You can also send your Smartphone or Tablet directly to the big screen wirelessly, enabling easy sharing of your mobile device in your living room TV.

This TV also has an inbuilt web browser which is optimised to view content on your TV. Use the Magic Remote for one of the most simple browsing experiences available on a Smart TV. For those who prefer, a USB keyboard and mouse can also be connected to enhance your browsing experience.

You can also turn any current two player split screen gaming, into two player full screen gaming with LGs Dual Play. Both players in full screen, by filtering out your opponent through special Dual Play glasses. This feature will work with any of the current console games, which are 2 player split screen enabled. Start your game in 2 player split screen mode, press turn on the Dual Play function and your TV instantly turns your half screen into full screen, whilst filtering out your opponent.

So if you’re in the market for a big screen TV, give Delta a call and we can get one organised on a TV Rental plan!

Delta is your one stop shop for TV Rentals – Best rent to own packages in Perth!


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