Rent then Buy the NEW Apple MacBook!

Apple have finally released an entirely new idea. The MacBook. That’s right, its not an Air or a Pro, it is quite simply and elegantly named “MacBook”. This new model has a lot to like about it and is a bit different from previous models. Our guess is that this model is going head to head with the Microsoft Surface Pro series. For those of you who still love the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro, don’t worry. These models have not been discarded for the new “super hybrid” model. They are now being offered with some buffed up specifications, and for the Macbook Air a Retina display which we have not seen before on such a thin screen. 

This new Apple MacBook could be a game changer. You’ll immediately notice the bright, vivid and detailed Retina display on the new MacBook. It’s 12 inches (diagonal), and has a resolution of 2304×1440, which equates to 226ppi (the current Retina 13-inch MacBook Pro has a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 and a pixel density of 227ppi). Apple has reduced the size of the bezel around the screen as well which I personally think is a much more aesthetically pleasing finish. 

macbook display

As soon as you get the new MacBook in your hands you really are going to be amazed by how thin and light it is. It weighs just 907g, and measures just 13.1mm thick. 

Apple has kept the full-size keyboard but they have changed it a bit from previous design. The keys are now slightly larger than those on current Mac laptops (17 per cent bigger). Some people might find this hard to get used to, but some will immediately love the new layout and design. Some reports have argued that it’s difficult to tell when you’ve actually pressed a key, feeling more like using a touch-screen than a physical keyboard.

macbook keyboard

Unfortunately, Apple have decided to not continue with the “lit up” Apple logo. I can already see a lot of disappointed faces with this news. 

To add to the keyboard improvements, Apple has also made improvements to the trackpad, which are going to be pretty revolutionary. The new MacBook comes with new Force Touch technology, which uses similar actions like those found in the Apple Watch to measure the degree of pressure you’re applying. This will reinvent the way you can use the trackpad and the functions available. 

Another big talking point about this new MacBook is its ports. There are just two found on the new MacBook: one for your headphones, and on the other side a USB Type-C port that does pretty much everything else. That’s right: there’s no Magsafe, there’s no USB 3, there’s no Thunderbolt, there’s no SD card slot. Instead, Apple has decided that USB Type-C is all you need.

macbook port

We haven’t yet had a chance to put the new MacBook through our speed tests, but we do know that inside the notebook is Intel’s new energy-efficient Core M “Broadwell” processors, housed in a logic board that is 67 per cent smaller than Apple’s previous record. The base model runs at 1.1GHz and can Turbo Boost to 2.4GHz.

The Core M runs so cool that computers that take advantage of the chip can be fanless. And being fanless means that the computer in which they feature can be thinner and smaller than ever. That M in Core M stands for mobile, though, and these are processors destined for tablets and hybrid laptops, so don’t expect anything like the power of the Core i5.

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