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Malware and virus writers are after the low-hanging fruit: those who are naive or haven’t heard these warnings enough. The wild mouse clickers. Humans are curious. We all like to think we are invulnerable, but no one is truly safe. We recently investigated how a client caught the Cryptolocker virus. This event ultimately cost the client in excess of $4,000 in support services, five days leave for all staff, lost business and many hours of heartache. The client’s server had every network share’s business data encrypted – 64,004 encrypted files – and the workstation that started the infection was also covered in password-grabbing Trojans.

There was an unknown virus, unknown payloads (beyond the encryption), antivirus that could not detect the virus and lots of files to recover. They ended up with a server they could not trust. All because someone opened a file that should have felt suspicious.

Delta Computers takes care of Back-Ups for many Corporate Clients who trust us handling all of their data. Clients range from Doctor’s practices to Law Firms and they all applaud the safety and security that Delta provides.

So there it is, the warning is out there for Businesses and Home Users alike, create regular data back-ups or potentially pay a hefty price.

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