Rent Surround Sound Packages with Delta!
Once you’ve got that brand new TV ( hopefully on rental with Delta ) the next thing to do is to complete the home entertainment package. What good is a top of the range TV system if the audio and the playback is letting it down. The fact is that the TV has so much potential, but the surround sound package is the thing that will unlock it. Many people mistakenly think that for home entertainment it is all about the viewing. This is true to an extent, however if you want real quality sounds and to feel as if you’re in a theatre custom built into your living room, then you need a surround sound package from Delta Rentals. Delta rents surround sound packages and home theatre systems to suit everyone’s needs. From the simple yet still very effective sound bars, to the full 5.1 surround sound systems with wireless speakers and 3D Blu Ray player included.

This is where the TV’s potential can really be utilised. Once you get a Full HD, 3D TV, the best thing to do is, well watch HD and 3D media! The top of the range surround sound package that Delta offers is a Samsung 5.1 Channel Smart Blu-Ray Home Theatre system. So what exactly does this package include? Well it is a 1000W home theatre system with Blu-Ray/DVD, tallboy speakers, passive subwoofer, smart features, NFC/Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DLNA, 3D playback, upscaling, USB recording, ARC and HDMI to name a few features! It all sound impressive doesn’t it, but what does it actually mean? Well here is a brief run down of how Samsung describes one of their flagship home theatre system packages!

The Multiroom Solution feature uses your home’s existing Wi-Fi to play music from compatible devices connected to the network, all controlled by a simple app on your compatible smartphone or tablet. Add other Samsung Multiroom compatible speakers to more rooms to enjoy the same music playing throughout your house, or choose different music to play in each room at the same time!

Smart Hub provides access to an exciting variety of entertainment content. With the intelligently organised panels of the Smart Hub some of your favourite TV, movies, apps and the media on your home network can be easy to find and quick to navigate.

Stream music from a Bluetooth-enabled compatible tablet, phone or music player and enjoy it through the multiple speakers of your Samsung Home Theatre System. Bluetooth Power On allows the system to sense compatible devices that have already been paired and to start playback automatically, while Near Field Communication enables pairing and playback from compatible NFC-enabled devices – just tap and play.

With wireless technology built into your Samsung Home Theatre System, it’s ready to join your existing home Wi-Fi network without the need to connect additional network equipment.

Samsung’s video processing helps bring disc-based movies and TV shows to your home, whether your collection is on DVD or Blu-ray.

This surround sound package really does do it all. If you’ve just treated yourself to a new big screen TV or you have been wanting to enhance your home entertainment experience for a while, come in to see the experts at Delta Rentals who have being doing surround sound package rentals for decades!

A package like this will only cost you $13 per week over our standard rental period and at the end you get the option to purchase for $50! That’s right, it really is extremely affordable and with your rent to own surround sound package we cover the warranty on any potential hardware faults so there is no need to worry!

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