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Rent Then Buy Cameras

Camera Rentals are always in demand at Delta Rentals. We have the specialist staff that can talk you through what camera is right for you because we’ve got the knowledge. We stock a comprehensive range of cameras that are available on our Rent then Buy Plans. The options are pretty much endless with custom orders very common in this category – so if it’s not on the website just ask us because chances are, we’ll be able to do it easy! Our Camera Rent then Buy Plans are based on 24 months with an option to purchase at the end – usually $60 – $150 depending on the item.

We stock the widest range of Cameras on Rent then Buy Plans in Perth. That means we’ve got all your big-name Brands and every single type available. There are all the latest DSLR models from Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Nikon and so on. There are models to suit whatever level your photography is at – we have the entry level cameras like the Canon 1500D with guided display, all the way up to the Professional grade Canon 5D IV and 1DX. We have the top of the range mirrorless models available as well from Sony with the Sony Alpha Series – we can get anything you need whether it’s an A7ii or and A7Riii. Plus, the latest Canon and Nikon mirrorless are available too! There are also more enthusiast grade options which are pretty popular these days and are designed for people who have a bit of experience with DSLRs already. We recommend models like the Canon 80D and the Nikon D7500.

We do a huge range of kits with our Cameras which include things like Carry Bags, Tripods, Filters and memory cards. We can even do special lens packages if you want to have a lens for every occasion! So, no matter what you want in the world of DSLRs we’ll be able to make up a sweet package on Rent then Buy to suit you.

We also have the latest in Digital Point and Shoot style cameras which are perfect for holiday snaps and for those users who just want a quality photo with little fuss! We also have the Brand-New GoPro Action Cameras available on Rent then Buy with us. These make awesome trips that much more memorable when you playback the epic footage. We also do bags of accessories and mounts for these which ensure you’ve got all the gear you need!