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Remote Support Repairs – Next Level IT Service


In the past having your computer fixed could be a long and arduous task that could sometimes take forever and a day. In the end whoever you took it to might not have even been able to fix the problem! At Delta Computers we can assure you that whether hardware or software based we will have the answer for you. People often just see the name Delta Computers, but what they don’t see is that we have 5 full time technicians who are fully qualified and extremely professional. They have over 50 years experience between them and that is something incredible. The amount of pure experience in this group is amazing and there is next to nothing they can’t solve. The fact that two of the technicians have been at Delta for 18 years just goes to show how much knowledge they have accumulated over time. This is what youget when Delta fixes your computer. The absolute wealth of experience at your disposal.

Now the purpose of this blog is to make everyone aware of how convenient, simple and efficient remote support is. Delta Computers has been offering remote support services for a very long time now. We provide it for home users and businesses alike, there is no problem too large or too small.

Now what is Remote Support? Well to put it simply, remote support enables one of our technicians who is sitting in our office to connect to your computer via the internet and fix your problems. Its really as simple as that, instead of having to drop in your computer or having a technician come out to you, now it can almost all be done remotely with the aid of a phone call.

When remote support is requested, our technicians will expertly establish a remote connection to your computer. This enables them to view your desktop in its entirety and make any changes that are required to fix your problems.  This allows the technician to remotely view all of your file sets, software and hardware configurations. Using the internet to establish the connection between computers allows remote support to occur anywhere in the world, or in our case, between the customer at home and the technician in the workshop.

Most commonly remote support addresses issues related to spyware, virus infections, computer optimization, Windows Registry repair, device driver issues, computer security updates and web related issues. Once we are remotely connected to your computer we can take control of the mouse and do the rest for you. Just sit back and watch as the problems are fixed right before your eyes.

Not only can the technicians fix problems over the phone, its a great diagnosis tool as well. If you gave us a ring and let us have a look at the problem before even coming in, we can have a solution ready for when you walk into our workshop enabling us to have spectacular turn around times. Often this can be less than 24 hours.

Remote support is the introduction of a new age in computer repairs. It is the ultimate in quick fixes and convenience. Coupled with the experience that Delta provides you can be sure that this is the EASIEST its ever been to fix a computer .

Give Delta Computers a call on 9316 9310 to talk about Remote Support and other Computer Repairs!


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