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It’s that time of year again where the Brand New Apple iPhones land! We’ve got the entire new Apple phone range available on our Rent then Buy Payment Plans! That means you can get a Brand New Apple iPhone 11 Rental, a Brand New Apple iPhone 11 Pro Rental and even and Brand New Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Rental with us. Don’t spend the big bucks by forking out all your savings – choose our iPhone 11 Rent then Buy Payment Plan Perth so that you can keep your hard earned money in your wallet – but enjoy the phone right now! Our iPhone 11 / Pro / Pro Max Rent then Buy Plans are really simple – we designed it that way so it’s easy to understand for everyone! It’s a simple weekly (or fortnightly – yes we’re tied in with Centrelink!) payment over 18 months with either a $90 or $110 option to buy at the end, then you officially own the Brand New iPhone 11 you’ve been Renting. Don’t worry if you’re not working or if you’ve got bad credit – usually we can find a Brand New Mobile Phone solution for everyone!

These Brand New Apple iPhone 11 / Pro and Pro Max Phones come fully network unlocked with our full warranty over the rental period. That means when you Rent then Buy iPhone 11 in Perth with us – you’re always covered against any faults with the phone. We take pride in our customer service and make sure we look after each and every customer! We also include a free high quality protective case with every phone, just to give you that extra bit of security.

So what have we got here with the new phones? We’ve basically got the direct replacement models for the Apple iPhone XR, Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max. The Brand New iPhone 11 replaces the XR, the iPhone 11 Pro replaces the XS and the iPhone 11 Pro Max replaces the XS Max. So we’ve still got an amazing range of options and more colours than ever to choose from with this new Apple iPhone lineup. It’s all down to what type of Phone you want and need – because there’s going to be a model that matches you perfectly with our iPhone 11 Rentals.

Apple iPhone 11 Rentals – Rent then Buy Perth

Apple iPhone 11 Rental = $36 per week over 18 months with $90 option to buy at the end.

The Brand New Apple iPhone 11 is the cheapest way to get your hands on one of the new range of iPhones. The iPhone 11 Rental Plan makes getting it straight away even easier! We make sure to keep it available in every colour so you get to choose! They now come in Purple, Yellow, Green, Black White and Product RED which means you’re going to be spoiled for choice. Once again it’s made our of extremely strong and durable aerospace-grade aluminium, so it’s a premium build as you’d expect from Apple. The screen is a lovely 6.1″ size which is big, but not too big. It features a new Liquid Retina HD Display with 326PPI. The iPhone 11 weighs in at only 194 grams too – so it’s nice and light. With 64GB of storage (128GB and 256GB also available) you’ve got ample room for heaps of apps, videos and music!

The Camera system has once again gotten some awesome improvements. Apple call is the “All-New Dual-Camera” system. It means the the phone has got a regular Wide camera and an Ultra Wide camera too. Technically this means that it’s Wide Camera has a f/1.8 aperture and the Ultra Wife has an f/2.4 aperture with a 120 degree field of view. This means you’ll get a really impressive range of options when you go to take photos – it allows you the choice of how much to fit in the frame which is very convenient. This also features Night Mode which will take your low light mobile photography to the next level. Don’t forget these cameras will also do 4K video at 60 FPS and 1080p Full HD video at 60 FPS. Where the major improvements have come is in the front facing True Depth Camera – it’s been bumped up to 12MP and has a respectable f/2.2 aperture! This front facing camera has portrait mode and will also do your Animojis plus 4K video.

In terms of processing power, the Brand New iPhone 11 comes with the A13 Bionic Chip with the Third Generation Neural Engine! That’s what Apple has reported to be the fastest chip ever in a smartphone and we think that once you get using it – you won’t be disappointed. This also means it comes with the fastest mobile GPU which means it’s going to be awesome for all you mobile gamers. When you’ve got improvements like this, that means that Face ID has also been improved! Now 30% faster than before.

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Apple iPhone 11 Pro | Pro Max Rentals – Rent then Buy Perth

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Rental = $43 per week over 18 months with $110 option to buy at the end.
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Rental = $47 per week over 18 months with $110 option to buy at the end

The all new Apple iPhone 11 Pro is the model that people are going to be looking for! This is the one where all the latest highest end new tech comes in. The Apple iPhone 11 Pro has been updated with a few significant changes – especially in regards to the cameras! The “Transformative Triple Camera System” is a real game changer and will really change the way you take photos, and what you think is possible from a phone camera. The new Pro model comes with a huge step up in battery life and a crazy good processor that  features machine learning and makes you re-think what you expect from the top of the line smart phones. Apple are saying that they’ve finally developed an iPhone that is good enough to wear the “Pro” in it’s name!

So let’s dive into the new Camera system that is going to blow you away! First the tech specs:
Lens #1 is an Ultra Wide that has 13mm focal length, ƒ/2.4 aperture, Five-element lens, 120-degree field of view, 4× more scene, 12MP Sensor.
Lens #2 is a regular Wide that has 26mm focal length, ƒ/1.8 aperture, Six-element lens, Optical image stabilisation, 100 per cent Focus Pixels, New 12MP Sensor.
Lens #3 is a Telephoto that has 52mm focal length, Larger ƒ/2.0 aperture, Six-element lens, Optical image stabilisation, 2 x Optical Zoom, New 12MP Sensor.

The iPhone 11 Pro lets you zoom from the Telephoto all the way out to the new Ultra Wide camera, for an impressive 4× optical zoom range. Apple have leveraged the wider field of view to let you see what’s happening outside the image frame — and simply tap to capture it. And there’s almost nothing between you and your subject except a new pro camera font. So you’re always fully immersed in the scene. Don’t forget about video! The iPhone 11 Pro lets you capture videos that are beautifully true to life, with greater detail and smoother motion. Epic processing power means it can shoot 4K video with extended dynamic range and cinematic video stabilisation — all at 60 fps. You get more creative control too, with four times more scene and powerful new editing tools to play with.

It gets even better though – with Night Mode! From dimly lit restaurants to moonlit beaches, the new Night mode uses intelligent software and A13 Bionic to deliver low‑light shots never before possible on iPhone. And it all happens automatically. You can also experiment with manual controls to dial in even more detail and less noise.

What else is cool? Well the Super Retina XDR display is! It boasts not one but two new peaks of brightness and understands when to use them. It hits up to 800 nits when you’re out in the sun — great for shooting and making selects on the go — and up to 1,200 nits when you’re viewing extreme dynamic range content. It’s like having a Pro Display XDR on your iPhone. Pro Performance is also a feature with the A13 Bionic chip. Apple joke that it’s a chip so advanced that even they are trying to catch up! The A13 Bionic was built with a focus on machine learning across the entire chip — enabling experiences that simply aren’t found on any other smartphone. In fact, it’s so fast, so powerful and so intelligent, it’s years ahead of any other chip. Which gives you an unfair advantage.

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