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The Best Laptop Repairs in Perth

Delta Computers has been operating for over 18 years and specialising in laptop repairs in Perth the whole time!

Is your slow/non functional laptop making you the most frustrated person on the planet? Delta can help!

At Delta we have a team of highly qualified, experienced and professional technicians here to help out with any computer problems you may be having. There is nothing out there our technicians haven’t seen and as such, they are able to fix almost anything! We do so many notebook repairs in Perth each and every day you can rest assured that somebody who knows exactly what they are doing is attending to your computer! Even before  you step foot in our workshop you will be impressed with the service. Wasn’t it great back in the day when a person answered the phone within a couple of rings? Delta reckons it was great and that why we model our service on this. When you walk into our Applecross workshop someone will greet you at the door and promptly book in your laptop for repair. It is then allocated to a technician who will immediately get to work on diagnosing the problem and preparing a quote. We even endeavour to call back our customers same day and have the repair done in 24 hours!

What sort of Laptop Repairs do we specialise in?

Basically the team at Delta are proficient at any and all sorts of Laptop repairs but there are a few types that we see each and every day. The most common ones are virus removal, data recovery and cracked screen repairs. We also do things like power supply replacements, fixing Hard drives, repairing DC Jacks, repairing keyboards, repairing wireless connectivity faults and fixing track-pads. 

If your computer is slow, unresponsive, doesn’t connect to the internet like your other devices or is just frustrating you in general, the team of expert technicians at Delta will be able to diagnose your issues very easily. On a daily basis we have between 5 and 20 new repair jobs walk through the door and that just shows the level of confidence the public has in Delta. We are used by many business customers including doctor’s surgeries, law firms and accounting practices to name a few. They all trust the team at Delta to have their best interests at heart and give them good, honest and professional advice and fix their computer issues in a timely manner. We even have customers who drive long distance to use Delta, even though other shops may be closer, because they know the service that Delta provides in regards to laptop repairs is the best in Perth. 

 pc repair perthFor any laptop repairs in Perth, contact Delta on 9316 9310 or email us at

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