Rent to own an iMac with Delta!

At Delta we have the largest range of iMac rentals in Perth. There is no doubt that we do the largest volume of iMac Rentals in Western Australia. Our customers love it. They can get the best Desktop Apple has to offer, without having to pay a ridiculous amount upfront! The rental plan offers such great value, it’s no wonder that so many different customers rent iMacs with Delta. We have so many different types of customers as well that wish to get an iMac on Rental with us. They are perfect for the home users or the professional businesses. We find that iMacs are often required by home photographers and video makers, required by schools or commonly used in office set-ups. It just goes to show what a versatile machine the Apple iMac is, it seems everyone loves them. 

Creating the stunningly thin design of the new iMac took some equally stunning feats of technological innovation. Apple refined, re-imagined or re-engineered everything about it, from the inside out. The result is an elegant all-in-one computer that’s as much a work of art as it is state of the art.


This is our entry level Apple iMac. An extremely capable computer, it wont let you down. Built with a solid Intel CPU, good amount of RAM and decent hard drive, don’t be fooled as this entry level iMac is extremely capable. 



This is the high end iMac with it’s flagship feature, the Retina Display. This Screen resolution coupled with the 27″ size is stunning. Backed up by a great Graphics processor, CPU and RAM + a large Hard Drive, this iMac is particularly powerful. 

As you can see, Delta offers THE widest range of iMac Computer Rentals there is. In addition to the 2 models listed above, we can rent custom built ones and other models. Almost anything is possible with the team at Delta Rentals. Don’t settle for less, don’t settle for second best. Come in to our Applecross Shop and have a look for yourself. The expert, friendly staff can guide you to the perfect iMac to suit your exact requirements.

Delta has rent to own plans that are perfect for our customers. The way the rental agreement works is simple and easy to understand. Prices are based on 24 month rentals, and at the end of the agreement you have the option to purchase the computer for a set price. For example, our entry level Apple iMac is $30 per week over 24 months and then at the end of that period, you have the option to purchase for $120. 

All our equipment is Brand New and comes with full extended warranty over your rental period. Another benefit for businesses is that Rental payments are usually 100% Tax deductible.

So give Delta Computers a Ring on 9316 9310 or flick an email to