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Every once in a while Delta has an absolute ripper of a deal. For those lucky enough to be reading this, today is one of those days. We have an exceptional and unique Asus Ultra-Book at a crazy price of just $14 per week on our rent then buy plan! This comes with full warranty over your rental period and a set option to purchase at the end. The notebook will come fully set up with the latest software updates and be cleanly reformatted so it presents as new out of the box. 



 This is a very powerful Ultrabook with good battery life and it is exceptionally light (1.3KG). The brilliant hot pink colour is something Completely unique and very hard to get a hold      of. In fact, we do not believe this model to be readily available at the present time, so this could in   fact be a one of a kind opportunity to own an Ultra-Book that will be the envy  of all your friends.






This 13.3″ Asus “ZenBook” is powered by the Intel Core i5 CPU, the second highest model processor available. This is backed up with 4GB of DDR3 RAM and to top it all off this model also has a 128GB Solid State Drive. When you pair a solid state drive with a good processor and a solid state drive with adequate RAM (as in this model) you will notice the speed increase straight away. Another important feature is that this computer has Windows 7 Home Premium installed, not Windows 8. This must be good news to all of you that have been dreading going to Windows 8, as you no longer need to. 

Additional features include:
Intel HD 4000 Graphics
HD Web Cam
Wifi + Bluetooth
USB 3.0
Micro HDMI
Mini VGA port
SD Card Reader

 Trust Delta Rentals with your technology requirements because we are a specialist in Computers and Home Entertainment, that’s all we do! We even have a large technical department to fully set up your product and back it up with outstanding support!


Just give us a call on 9316 9310 OR send an email to  



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