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Computer Rentals Perth

So what makes Delta the best choice for Computer rentals in Perth? What makes us so different? You may even be thinking “All rental companies are the same, it doesn’t matter”. And that’s where you would be wrong. Delta Computers has been around since 1996! That is before the internet, we legitimately used to post out quotes to customers in the mail…. about renting a fax machine, how the times have changed! But it is this experience that ensures you are getting the most competent group of people on your side to find you the best rental solution for your needs! 


Delta is a specialist Technology Rental company, meaning we don’t waste our time with other products like furniture or white-goods. Why is this? So we can stay focused on what matters most to us and the area we are the experts in, Technology. We have Staff who have been here for 18 years, doing computer rentals the entire time, so you can rest assured they know what they are talking about. 

Custom Built PCs!


We don’t believe in just buying whatever generic product is on the market and telling the customer this is what they need. No, we prefer to ask the customer exactly what they need and then custom build it for them in house! This ensures our customers get exactly what they need, nothing less. Did we mention that we can have systems built in less than 24 hours? How good is that! Don’t pay through the nose for some no name brand or a pre-built system that “sort of” meets your requirements. Don’t settle for less than perfect.

Delta will only use quality parts and always get you the best value. Other rental companies only have 1 or 2 different desktop computers, and their sales people will assure you that they are right for you. However in actual fact they use inferior components and may not even meet your requirements!

The next point to note is that Delta has 5 full time technicians on hand to help out with your computer/home entertainment issues! In addition to that we fully set up your computer and/or TV ready to go as soon as you get it from us. We back up our product 100% with expert service staff so that you are never left in the dark or without help. 

Desktop Computer Rentals – Standard Systems!

Here’s some of our standard rental computers. But don’t forget you can pick and choose what parts you want and what you don’t want! We can upgrade or downgrade anything you wish!

Gaming Desktop PC Rental:

Gaming PC Rentals

Our Gaming System is second to none.  Our standard build comprises of an Intel i7 Processor, 16Gb RAM, 120Gb Solid State Hard Drive & 2Tb Hard Drive, 2Gb GTX760 Video Card, 27″ LED Monitor OR 24″ Gaming Monitor, Speakers with SubWoofer OR Gaming Headset, BluRay Burner, Illuminated Gaming Keyboard, Gaming Optical Programmable Mouse, ATX Gaming Case, ATX Mainboard, MS Windows 8.

This is quite simply, the best computer any rental company will offer. PLUS we can even upgrade components if they are not up to your specifications! 
Prices start at $35.10 per week based on our rent to own plan.

All in One Desktop PC:

For those of you who want a computing solution that has the screen and box all rolled into one, then this is for you. We have many models available that will cater for anyone’s needs. We have both non touch, and touch models ready to go!
Prices start from $24 per week based on our rent to own plan.

Office Desktop PC:

 This is the type of PC we generally set up for our Business Customers. To those who are established businesses looking to upgrade, or new ventures looking to kit out their office, this is the model for you. 

Our Office PC combines value, with power and performance. Ensuring that you get the best functionality out of your systems. We find that this build is generally made up of a few common components. An Intel i5 Processor, 8GB RAM, 120GB Solid State Hard Drive, DVD Burner, 23” IPS Monitor and Windows 7 or 8 Pro. We can also bundle in Microsoft Office Packages and any other business software you may need. 
Prices start from $25 per week based on our rent to own plan.

We are the small business experts! Just check out our testimonials and you will see why our customer rave on about us. Or check out our facebook!

Value Desktop PC:

This sort of computer is ideal for the home users who need a workhorse that will last a long time. This sort of PC is designed to minimise cost, but maximise performance. This is built with an Intel i3 Processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, DVD Burner, 22” Monitor and Windows 7 or Windows 8. We find families love this computer for its simplicity and functionality.
Prices start from $22 per week based on our rent to own plan. 

So if you like what you’ve seen here, feel free to contact us on 9316 9310 or through our webpage here. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and organise that perfect rental package for you.