Delta Computers is Perth’s leading expert in Computer Repairs

Have you ever wanted a computer repairs place in Perth that didn’t muck around, that got straight to the point and got back to you with a response when they said they would? Well at our workshop in Applecross that is exactly what you get. Delta Computers can repair hardware and repair software issues with notebooks, desktops and tablets in certain cases. Delta is proficient at performing Data Recovery, Cracked Screen repairs and Virus Removal in particular. These sorts of things we see on the regular each and every day. The team here is so experienced and well versed in solving all manner of computer issues, some say they could do it in their sleep. If you don’t believe me then just have a quick browse of our testimonials and you will see that the quality of service that Delta provides is second to none. The team of technicians is also highly skilled at general software and hardware repairs. There really isn’t anything they haven’t seen before.

Data Recovery is something that is one of Delta’s specialities. We can recover all sorts of precious data from your desktop computer, laptop/notebook, USB sticks and external hard drives. All of the family photos and videos you thought you lost? They might still be retrievable! All of that time you spent on that university assignment which is now seemingly lost forever, recoverable! For some people that data that needs saving is simply irreplaceable and priceless. For others it is a grave business concern. You couldn’t count the amount of times Delta have helped companies out recovering their accounting files, their customer database and other sensitive information. That’s the other thing about Delta, our data recovery service is one of the most professional and confidential that you can find. We have been trusted by Doctor’s practices, Law Firms and Hospitals to name a few, and not to mention all the students, professionals and home users too. We have an inspection fee of $65 which will let us examine the device and determine what data we can retrieve, if any. As soon as we know what we can get off the device we give the customer a call and let them know how much the repair will cost. The initial $65 comes off any total repair cost.

Delta Computers is also a specialist at Virus Removal. See our blog entitled “Virus Removal Specialists” to get a  better picture!

We are also the ones to call when you have a Laptop or Notebook with a cracked screen. We have a Technician here that fixes those all day everyday. If you call up with the make and model of your laptop, he will be able to give you a free, no obligation quote over the phone. In fact, there is a certain type of screen that the vast majority of laptops use. If it ends up being our standard screen that we have in stock then you are in luck. The cost of repairing a standard screen is just $192 supplied and installed. The best part about this is that once you bring it in, our technician will begin work on it immediately and it can be ready within an hour of dropping it off.  So if you have a laptop that is no longer usable because of a crack through the screen, bring it in to Delta because we will be able to fix it for you.

Not only does Delta specialise in these areas but they can also expertly take care of things such as software malfunctions, general slowness of computers, hardware breakdowns and many more. We can also upgrade many elements of your computer if you so wish. Otherwise have a chat to one of our salespeople who can organise a brand new computer,  tailored to suit you! Rentals and sales available.

Call Delta Computers today on 9316 9310 and they can take care of your computer repairs, whatever they may be!


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