Perth Computer Repairs 

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We Repair Laptops and Desktops for the following Brands:
Acer Apple Asus Compaq Dell HP Lenovo LG MSI Samsung Sony Toshiba 

We Fix Computer in Under 24 Hours! 

At Delta Computers we really are the experts in computer repairs Perth. We have a team of 5 Full Time and Fully Qualified Technicians who between them have over 60 years experience. They have been fixing computers day in and day out since 1996 when Delta Computers was established. Not only are the staff at Delta professional and friendly, they are honest too. We believe in giving free quotes that are no obligation for our work. We leave it up to the customer to decide before we go ahead with anything. If your computer is not running up to scratch you can simply bring it in for a free assessment and diagnosis. We can then advise you on what we can do for you that will make a big difference. In some cases we have even just said that the computer isn’t worth spending money on. Delta’s technicians will always give you an answer you can trust!

We fix Laptops and Desktops in Perth
– Experts in Windows PC Repairs and Apple Mac Repairs

Still Going Strong FINAL 

 Perth’s Best Computer Repairs!

The team of technicians at Delta are available from 8am-5pm weekdays and 9am-12pm on Saturday Mornings to answer your each and every question. There is quite literally nothing they haven’t seen before. We do all types of computer repairs and no job is too small. We do Laptop Repairs and we Desktop Repairs. Software and Hardware, its no problem for us. We are specialists in both Apple Mac and Windows PC computers which is a rarity nowadays! Usually you would have to see a specialist Apple Repairer or the dreaded Apple Store, but at Delta we are different. 


An average day at Delta sees countless computers walk in and out the doors. The jobs we do include the following:

  • Virus Removal, Adware Removal, Spyware Removal and Ransom-ware Removal
  • Operating System Repair
  • Other Software Repairs
  • Cracked Laptop Screen Repair
  • Laptop Hinge Repairs
  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement
  • Laptop Top Cover Replacement
  • Computer Fan Replacement
  • Heat Sync and Thermal Assembly Replacement
  • Faulty RAM Replacement
  • Faulty Hard Drive Replacement
  • Faulty Graphics Card Replacement
  • Mouse trackpad replacement
  • Data Recovery
  • USB Panel replacement
  • Power jack Repair
  • Heaphone Jack repair
  • Laptop Battery Replacement
  • Laptop Charger Replacement
  • Remote IT Support
  • Network card replacement
  • Wireless internet connectivity repairs
  • Antivirus Installation
  • Operating System Upgrades (Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10)
  • Email Program Repairs
  • Dust Cleanout Service Repair
  • Reformat repairs
  • Printer and External device Setup and Configuration

If you want to read what a regular day is like at Delta Computers doing PC Repairs in Perth check it out here!

Computer Repairs Perth: Virus Removal



Getting a Virus in your computer can be a particularly stressful time. It is scary and can be very intimidating as well. Here at Delta Computers you will be treated with Respect and Courtesy because you are not the first nor the last person that will get a virus on their computer. No matter what it is, we have seen it before. You are not alone and there is a fix. The good news is that at Delta we do Virus Removal from PCs and Laptops everyday. Whether it is a proper Virus like a Trojan, Ransomware such as the infamous Cryptolocker, Adware or general spam or malicious software we have seen it all before and know how to fix it. In most cases we can even save all your data! 
Virus Removal is easy for us, we can give you a free quote same day and then fix the computer in 24 hours. 

Computer Repairs Perth: Cracked Screen Repair

cracked laptop screen

At Delta we are the Laptop Cracked Screen Repair experts. Do you know anywhere else that can fix a screen in 1 hour with prices starting from as little as $134 supplied AND installed?

We can give you a free quote on your Broken Laptop Screen over the phone which includes the pricing and a time-frame of the job. There is no job we can’t do for laptop screens! We have Matte and Gloss screens and sizes include 12.1”, 13.3”, 14”, 15”, 15.4”, 15.6”, 16”, 17”, 17.3”. We fix Acer Apple Asus Compaq Dell HP Lenovo LG MSI Samsung Sony Toshiba. 

Unfortunately we do not fix Phone Screens or Tablet Screens. 

Computer Repairs Perth: Data Recovery


Data Recovery is yet another of the specialities of the team at Delta Computers. If you have a Hard Drive from a Desktop or a Laptop, an External USB Hard Drive, USB Thumb Drive or SD Card and you can’t access it, we can help you out! If you have movies, photos, documents, databases, emails or any number of other things you can’t afford to lose, Delta Computers is the answer. We can’t tell you how many times we have saved people’s bacon! We have recovered a thesis a student had been working on for a year. We have recovered a MYOB for an accounting practice. There is no job too big or too small for us. As long as your drive hasn’t had physical damage or been overwritten, we have a very good success rate!