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Delta Computers Applecross has been doing Perth computer repairs for over 18 years now. There is no problem too big or too small for the technicians here. Speaking of which, we have a giant workshop area that is home to 5 full time, expert and qualified technicians. They are proficient in both PC and Mac repairs and will be able to handle any and all problems you may have. You can have the utmost confidence in our technicians as they all have many years of experience and there really isn’t any problem they haven’t seen before, and as such, there is nothing they can’t fix.

For computer repairs in Perth there is no one as professional and trustworthy as Delta Computers. On nearly all our computer repairs  we give out no obligation, free quotes. We wont go ahead with anything until we’ve had a complete analysis of the system, identified the problem and informed the customer of the costs. This ensures that our levels of outstanding customer service are unmatched. As you step into our Computer Repair Shop you will immediately see the level of professionalism at Delta. We greet you at the door, grab some problem details and book it into our system, this assigns it to a technician straight away and this ensures someone starts working on it as soon as you leave it with us!

The team of technicians at Delta Computers are able to do both hardware and software repairs. Any sort of problem you may have can certainly be fixed by Delta Computers. Why waste money on a new computer where for a fraction of the price you can have your current computer running perfectly like when you first got it? Many people don’t realise that most computer problems are able to be fixed quickly and cost effectively by Delta. If your fan is noisy, your screen goes blank every so often, if you get the infamous blue screen of death, Delta can help you out. Perth computer repairs are our speciality and there is no one better.

Most Common Types of Computer Repairs Perth

One of the most common type of computer repair that we see every day is the cracked laptop screen. Unfortunately the screens on laptops are one of the weakest points and there isn’t much that can be done to prevent this, sometimes it just happens. We have seen cracked screens happen in so many different ways, but the main thing is, they are all repairable. At Delta Computers we can give you a free quote over the phone, and the best part is, we can repair laptop screens in 1 hour! Our prices start from $134 and include both parts and labour.

The next most commonly seen computer repair in Perth is Virus Removal. Ranging from “a little bit of annoying” to “very serious threat” viruses and other malware are a big problem for anyone who owns a computer. Even if you have a current and active anti-virus program, you are still not 100% safe. We have seen many people who have the wrong impression about anti virus programs. The fact is no one is “invincible”, viruses can still get through if you unintentionally let them, and they often do. Over the years Delta Computers has seen all the major Viruses and beaten them, in recent times these were the AFP Virus and “cryptolocker”. If you have a virus, adware or other malware, bring your computer in to us and we can have it fixed up like it never happened.

The third most common type of Computer Repair we see walk through our doors is the data recovery. This is potentially the most frightening. If you have not backed up your data you could lose it all. We can recover data off hard drives that have become extremely slow or failed, we can recover data off external drives that no longer detect when you plug them in, and we can retrieve data from systems that just wont turn on any more. Basically if you thought you had lost all of your precious family photos and videos, important business data, or that assignment for school/uni, there is still a chance we can get it back!

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